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Holy crap. I knew I should have quit while I was already behind. Somehow I managed to delete and/or lose the few thousand words I spent crafting as an ode to Fred Couples over the past two-three hours. It really was one of *those* days — I started calling it “Freaky Friday” before noon. Ugh. This hurts so much more than usual because it was about Freddie, my childhood hero and fellow Seattle native. I mean, the first-ever post I published on this site, which started as a Tumblr blog and “hobby” in 2009, was about Couples and how he inspired me to take up golf.

This one hurts. I’ll stop complaining, but if you’ve ever worked on something for hours and put a ton of heart and energy into a project that you felt strongly about and probably dedicated more time than needed — and in my case, too many words, as well — because you just felt like it, then you know that pit in your stomach when you idiotically press the wrong combo of buttons and the screen suddenly becomes blank.

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