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By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

11/27/09: Tiger was in a car accident that triggered his fall from grace

It’s been a year since Tiger Woods was involved in a fender bender with a tree and a fire hydrant in the wee hours after Thanksgiving triggered a 24/7 news cycle of shocking revelations that led to the “Chosen One’s” swift fall from his Teflon-like throne. And since I write a golf blog, there’s some level of expectation that I wax all sorts of profound on what’s transpired in the last 12 months with Tiger. But honestly, what do I have left to say (that hasn’t been said already)? “Besides, everyone has probably heard more than they ever wanted to about my private life,” Tiger wrote in a guest column for Newsweek published last week during his preemptive 24-hour media blitz.

That’s the understatement of the century.

But whenever significant, game-changing moments occur in history, we like to look back and ask, WHERE WERE YOU? You know: “Where were you when JFK was shot?” “Where were you when Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk the moon?” “Where were you when the Berlin Wall fell?” “Where were you when Tom Watson almost became the oldest major champion in sport?” Etc.

Where were you when you heard Tiger Woods was “seriously injured” in a car accident?

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