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Luke Guthrie's caddie, his brother Zach takes a shot at glory

Luke Guthrie’s caddie, his brother Zach, takes aim on the 17th

One of the most entertaining activities at The Players Championship happens on the par-3 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass — and I’m not talking about watching the pros play it. Every Wednesday at the PGA Tour’s flagship event, the caddies get their shot at glory and take aim at the famed island green. 

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Kuchar's caddie Lance Bennett points toward their target
The caddies on the PGA Tour are joining forces to improve their working conditions and week-to-week treatment, and most important, they’re looking to secure healthcare and retirement benefits. More than 100 loopers — 92 of which as of this week have officially paid their yearly dues of $500 each, along with a one-time $100 initiation fee — have organized to form the Association of Professional Tour Caddies (APTC), which was established following several meetings last fall.

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Back to the good ol' days

Back to the good ol’ days

Caddie-player duo Billy Foster and Lee Westwood are set for an emotional reunion at Tiger Woods’ exhibition, the World Challenge, next month. The pair split in 2012 after a freak accident that left Foster in crutches for too long for Westwood to wait, despite initially pledging that he’d wait for Foster to recover. Six months later, that dreaded phone call came and it was like a break-up from hell for the longtime looper.

Foster, who returned to work this year caddying for Brendan Grace, and Westwood have mended fences and decided to rebuild their relationship, according to The Telegraph‘s Jamie Corrigan:  

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With the introduction of the wraparound schedule, it doesn’t really seem like a brand new season, but it is — the 2013-14 season kicks off with the Open on Thursday, which is *crazy* because it feels like the 2013 season just ended the other day. Oh, wait, it kind of did.

Still, it’s that time of the year again, where players and caddies are breaking up and hooking up.

Players and caddies split all the time (and also get back together sometimes after a “break”). Imagine the start of the season, as well as certain periods throughout the year, when it’s “time for a change.” It’s like high school, where it’s not uncommon  that at some point one of your friends is going to date one of your exes and vice versa.  After all, it’s a limited pool you’re dealing with. 

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Generous Garrigus in caddies’ corner

Robert Garrigus is always giving back, even though it’s usually done behind the scenes and without a big shiny press release. He often picks up the food tab at the caddie trailer for the entire week. He’s thrown in a big-screen TV for the winner of the caddies’ closest-to-the-pin contest on Wednesday of The Players Championship. He’s paid the fees for the Caddies’ Tournament golf course, along with the $10K purse, the past several years.

This time, Garrigus, who earned a career-high $3.2 million in 2012, is taking it a step further and making things more official. He’s setting up a “Caddie Emergency Fund,” where PGA Tour caddies will have access to $100,000 for — yep, you guessed it — emergencies, and a scholarship foundation for caddies’ kids, which will probably be called Professional Tournament Caddie Association (PTCA) Foundation.

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