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By Stephanie Wei under Life on Tour

First of all, I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving and I’ll bet it was better than mine, where I spent keeling over in pain Thursday afternoon and then the rest of the weekend lying in bed (I was disappointed I didn’t really get to eat my favorite meal of the year), but thankfully, I’ve recovered (finally).

Earlier this week our editors asked the SI Golf Group for submissions to the annual “What We’re Thankful For” gallery.  Well, I’d just been chatting with Steve Elkington, so first thing that came to mind was Elk’s funny tweets and cartoons, so I replied “I’m thankful Elk joined Twitter.” 

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By Stephanie Wei under Behind the Scenes

*Update: I had to take down the photo of me and Ellie because apparently I’m violating PGA Tour media rights. Sadly, I’ve just been informed that I can’t post pictures from practice days, either! I’ve explained to the Tour that it’s a disservice to you guys, the readers, who are also PGA Tour fans.

In the spirit of my “Behind the Scenes” post, I’m starting another weekly feature that’s similar. You see, once the tournament starts, I catch some random bits and funny stuff happens that isn’t quite worthy of a standalone post, so I figure the solution is to compile them into a longer one at the end of the week. I’m still trying to think of a meme for the feature — suggestions welcome! — but “Tidbits From Inside the Ropes” will have to do for now. Enjoy!

*I forgot to include an amusing exchange from Wednesday. I was with my colleague Farrell Evans and we ran into Stephen Ames. Farrell says, “Hey Amesy, I saw your coach yesterday.” Ames looks at him with a completely straight (albeit goofy) face and deadpans, “Oh yeah, Tiger’s coach?” Then, as if on cue, we all start cracking up. Later that afternoon, I walked past Sean Foley and Ames, who were headed to the range. I jokingly said to Ames, “Ah, I see you found Tiger’s coach!” He playfully pretended he was going to push me into the practice bunker. He’s a beauty.

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