Ryder Cup 2018 Pageantry, Palace of Versailles Gala edition
By Stephanie Wei under Ryder Cup

Let’s not kid ourselves, there’s always quite a bit of pageantry that comes along with the Ryder Cup. Perhaps it should feel more grandiose since we are in Paris and near Versailles — hell, the player gala was at the damn palace. It’s also fashion week, which is nearly as exciting as the golf.

On the media shuttle to Le Golf National this morning, I noticed that all the dudes around me were perusing — and even zooming in — on photos of the players and their wives from last night’s festivities. Then I opened up Instagram and my feed exploded with the same shots. This is shamelessly cheap, but man, there are so many potential classic captions…

However, I’m fatigued from watching Tiger Woods stripe too many shots on the driving range this afternoon, so I’ll let you guys contribute because some of my captions and quips are probably not safe to say in the public sphere.

Let’s start with the couple of the evening Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky. Their status has been up in the air, but *of course* she was coming with him to the Ryder Cup. I mean, that dress! It’s freaking beautiful. DJ seems well trained when it comes to camera phone skills. He even does the different angles.

I can’t even… just…amazing.

No comment.

Selfie time!

Team USA and Team Europe:

Close-up for Tiger Woods and his girlfriend Erica Herman:

Rickie Fowler’s got a date this time! If you don’t recall, how could you forget that iconic photo of single Rickie celebrating after Team USA’s big win at Hazeltine in 2016?

OK, Bryson. Looking bad ass?

Europe’s bachelor and the ladies:

Best pose:

(Love Kate Rose’s Herve Leger dress — probably my favorite of the night.)

Rory McIlroy and his wife Erica:

Sergio Garcia and his wife Angela:

Jon Rahm and his girlfriend Kelley Cahill:

By the way, like, half of the guys on Team Europe married Americans. Just an observation.

It’s almost time for the Opening Ceremony. Which means we’re one step closer to the matches actually starting. Hooray.