U.S. Open preview with Gary D’Amato (Episode Two)
By Stephanie Wei under Podcast

We spoke with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Gary D’Amato, who penned the intriguing seven-part series about the various twists-and-turns that took place to carve out Erin Hills from a plot of farmland and how the USGA decided to bring the U.S. Open to this new venue. It’s a must-read.

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The story of the “Making of Erin Hills” is like a thrilling drama filled with heartbreak, murder, tragedy and contentious falling-outs. Ultimately, the golf course itself has a fairytale ending,

But there would be no Erin Hills without two of the main characters Stephen Trattner and Bob Lang. However, Erin Hills also wouldn’t exist — nor would it be hosting the U.S. Open — without Jim Reinhardt and Andy Zeigler, among others. There were many people that made it all come together.

Read Gary D’Amato’s seven-part series here. It’s a #longread, but well worth it and once you start, trust me, you will want to keep reading to find out what happens.

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