VIDEO: Nine-year-old golf fan gets the best birthday surprise ever
By Stephanie Wei under European Tour

The European Tour’s digital team — the best in golf across all platforms — delivers yet another amazing production, while also giving priceless birthday surprise for nine-year-old Aaron.

I don’t remember what I got on my ninth birthday, but I would bet all the money in the world it wasn’t anything close to the present Aaron received, thanks to his dad, the European Tour, and four of the biggest names in golf. Aaron’s dad emailed the European Tour and asked if they could do anything special to help celebrate his golf-fanatic son’s birthday, the Tour not only answered, but they went above and beyond to ensure Aaron would enjoy the most incredible birthday surprise ever.

Here’s the short version of the origin story behind the video: The European Tour’s digital team came up with the idea to do a video segment with a kid during the pro-am, with 1,000 fans gathered around the tee to watch him hit his opening drive. But when Aaron’s dad emailed them, they shifted their original idea to cater to the brilliance seen above. In other words, it was kismet.

They asked Aaron for his favorite players and Andrew “BEEF” Johnston was his top pick. He also named Rory McIlroy (who would’ve been part of it had he not been forced to withdraw due to injury), Justin Rose, Henrik Stenson and Martin Kaymer.

Ahead of the PGA Championship — Wednesday morning at 6am, to be exact — Beef rolls up in a BMW to pick up Aaron and his dad, telling them he was their special driver for the day. The look of absolute shock and glee on Aaron’s face says it all… throughout the entire video. Then, they pick up Justin Rose, who brings his Olympic gold medal along for the ride. Next stop, Henrik Stenson jumps in with the Claret Jug in tow. Finally, Martin Kaymer greets the group at Wentworth and takes Aaron on the 18th green to stroke a few putts.

This. Is. Everything.

Best birthday ever, wouldn’t you say?

Kudos to the Euro Tour’s digital team for making another insta-hit — they are batting 1000 so far this year. I certainly can’t wait to see what they come up with next.