WATCH: PGA Tour Latinoamérica event in Guatemala blowin’ up!
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour Latinoamérica


Trust me, be patient and don’t take your eyes off the screen (as in, watch the entire minute of the video!) — it’s riveting.


This week’s PGA Tour Latinoamérica event in Antigua, Guatemala, is clearly a blast. As you can see in the video above, the players are treated to quite a spectacular backdrop at the Fuego Maya GC. The Volcán de Fuego (“Volcano of Fire” or Fuego Volcano) is one of Central America’s most active volcanoes, with “frequent vigorous” historical eruptions dating back since 1524, which have produced major ashfalls, along with episodes of “pyroclastic and lava flows.”

The above video was sent to me Thursday morning, courtesy of PGA Tour Latinoamérica pro Paul Apyan. A few hours later, he witnessed lava shoot out of the volcano, but failed miserably to capture what sounds like an incredible sight (*see update below). However, here are a few other photos he’s taken with his iPhone this week.



Fuego is well known for being active at a low level with few interruptions. Paul explained that since 2012 with its most recent bout of activity, it’s been in constant eruption. The website that documents and tracks Fuego’s every move describes the volcano’s “eruption style” as, “Dominantly explosive, construction of lava domes and extrusion of viscous lava flows.”

Not only are the players enjoying the super cool vista this week, the tournament is sponsored by Stella Artois, so FREE BEER for everyone, too! *correction: Paul was wrong; it’s not free yet* — and not just “beer,” but Stella! Not a bad gig. TURNT!

However, play in the first round was suspended due to inclement weather, specifically 40-50 mph winds.

Bad news is the forecast Friday doesn’t look promising. But, hey, sitting back drinking Stellas and practicing if weather permits while enjoying the beautiful scenery isn’t the worst thing in the world.


*Update: I gave Paul a hard time about the blurry quality of the video when he initially sent it, but he thought I was joking. Then after I posted it on Instagram, he realized I wasn’t, so we’re working on troubleshooting this problem. Stay tuned for the much, much clearer original version of the footage. But I mean, I think the current crappy one is cool still, so… I guess we’re in for a real treat once we get the non-crappy video!

*Update 2: Mission accomplished!

*Update 3: Another pro snapped a picture of the lava erupting from the volcano! I knew Paul would come through.