Hooooooooollllle … in one!!! Mexican commentator shows us how it’s done
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

Wow… I didn’t think it could be done — an announcer calling golf in a way that gives thrilling moments the justice it deserves!


The WGC-Mexico Championship invited some of the country’s most famous broadcasters to join the team for guest commentary stints throughout the week. Lucky for fans watching the event’s national telecast, football commentator Antonio Rosique was in the booth when Justin Thomas stepped up to the tee on the par-3 13th during Saturday’s third round. You know, the hole JT where notched his 20th career ace.

And boy, Rosique didn’t disappoint with his reaction and went full football, shouting “Hoooooooooollllllllle… in one!” He didn’t stop there! Rosique continued to describe the special moment with the utmost passion, energy and animation.

Hell, I only saw this Sunday and I had goosebumps and felt like I was reliving it all, except I was way more pumped up and was nearly compelled to start running around the room celebrating.

Man, add that to the already long list of things that made the tournament such a resounding success, thanks to the tournament organizers, sponsor, fans and basically, the entire country of Mexico — first-rate and top class all-around. (We could take a cue from them…)

Seriously, what a refreshing departure from the muted American broadcast, where “better than most!” is apparently the best we can do. Rosique’s vigorous and spirited announcing made me wish I was listening to the Spanish broadcast (though I am usually spared of the American version since I’m watching the world feed from the media center, which thankfully doesn’t include the nonstop commercial breaks that were described via Twitter).

I mean, I didn’t think it was possible for the game to sound that thrilling — and there were so many riveting moments this week that deserved reactions evoking the same emotion and intensity as JT’s ace.

Seriously, it’s something for producers in America and Europe to seriously consider implementing. The same old muted traditional golf commentary only continues to reinforce golf’s stereotypes as a boring and lame sport, which is better served for insomniacs everywhere to utilize as a “natural” sleep aid. Think about the ratings!!! I bet they’d skyrocket or at least increase steadily at first, but give it some time and non-golf fans might actually be tricked into thinking golf is cooler than they originally thought.

With the new generation of exciting, young stars in the game, it only seems fitting for golf to be announced like football in Latin-America — and let’s be real, it’s time for a change. PLEASE.

Again, message to producers: it will only benefit your network’s broadcast of golf! — those potential spike in ratings will serve you well, too. Right?? Cool. Looking forward to it. Because after that, I don’t think I can listen to normal golf commentary without remember how much better and exciting it could sound.