Who threw it better? JT, Rory and Rickie talk club-tossing
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

It’s no secret that Justin Thomas has a fiery side and doesn’t hide his emotions on the golf course. Two incidents of Thomas letting clubs fly out of his hands were caught on-camera during the final round at the WGC-Mexico Championship, which he started with a one-shot lead.

JT didn’t have his best on Sunday and understandably reacted with frustration. First, on the par-3 7th, his errant tee shot started heading for the water hazard and actually managed to splash before JT’s club hit the ground. Personally, I find that rather masterful — not that I condone such behavior, especially for junior golfers. (Kids: BAD! Don’t do it. You are allowed once you turn professional, though!)

Thomas had perhaps a more epic throw on the 11th (I think), where he pulled his drive way left and his club followed and bounded forward and much too close to the gallery (again, the distance it traveled was rather impressive).

*Update with video of aforementioned throw, thanks to @NoLayingUp!

JT then hit a provisional because it was unclear if his ball was in play or not. Turned out it was — it ricocheted off some metal things that were used for catering, I believe, and ended up on the other side of a fence, which was a temporary obstruction, like a grandstand. Some were astonished that he caught such a lucky break, but honestly, I was one of the first on the scene (yes, so intrepid!) and my instinct was that it was in play since it was part of the golf course and not marked as OB, etc. But I digress. JT took to Twitter to apologize for these incidents.

Which started an incredible thread, thanks to Rory McIlroy.

JT has a great point — Rory’s epic club throw at Doral in 2015 remains the most memorable and best I’ve ever seen.

Oh, what a difference the wonders of photoshop and a little creativity make these days! If this golf thing doesn’t work out, JT and Rory definitely have a future as club-throw analysts.

Well played, guys.