Horschel says he would’ve passed on Mexico due to “security”
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

Billy Horschel did not qualify for this week’s World Golf Championship event in Mexico City — which is called the WGC-Mexico Championship. (Note: Sponsor threw crazy money at Tour and didn’t want even their name; simply “Mexico Championship” — no chance they’re throwing shade at the owner of the former venue, where this event was held for what feels like an eternity, right? Naw!)

However, Horschel, who went into last week ranked no. 75, might have cracked the top 50 in the world rankings had he finished second at the Honda Classic. And he almost did! — he was T3 going into the 72nd hole, but made a disappointing bogey.

Ouch, Horschel must have been crushed afterwards. I mean, who doesn’t love a no-cut event with a guaranteed (estimated) $80,000 payday! But none of that was enough to entice Billy. He told GolfChannel.com’s WIll Gray that he had already made the decision to pass on a trip to Mexico City, citing “security concerns.” 

“I think the WGC events are great events. I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to go to Mexico City,” Horschel said. “I know that they’ve said it’s a secure spot, and we’re fine, and where we are is good. I just didn’t want to go. A lot of guys don’t want to go to China; I didn’t want to go to Mexico.

“I’ve been to Mexico before, and I love Cancun. It’s the first year of the event, and I just want to see how it went. That’s what it really came down to. I want to see how everything was run, I want to see the feedback from the players, and then I’d go from there.”

At least the world won’t think American professional golfers are ignorant, they now know!

I kid, I kid. Relax. I am having some fun because of the similar (misinformed) views of Mexico City that some people I spoke with had at the Honda.


 I shouldn’t have been *that* surprised after the majority of the reaction I got when I asked media/industry people at the Honda if they were going to Mexico City and visa versa.

The response went something like this:

“God, no!”  

<<Expression of horror and fear of being jumped on the street and kidnapped by all those bad hombres — and kids running around with AK47s — in a slum run by the cartel.>> 

Me:   <<Expression of horror and fear upon realization they weren’t concerned with altitude sickness; rather their ignorant impressions of Mexico City>>  

Some people at Honda Classic: “You’re not going, are you?”   Yes, I’m really excited! My friends speak very highly of Mexico City.  

Them: <<more expression of shock and uncertainty — unclear whether it’s they think I’m crazy or bold; maybe both, which wouldn’t be entirely inaccurate>>   I guess I was more shocked at the glaring disparity between these reactions compared to Meanwhile, the reaction from my friends in NYC went something like this:  

<<Expressions of effusive excitement and enthusiasm as they talked about how much they loved Mexico City and gushed over the incredible art and culture. Oh, and the restaurants! — some of the best in the world! Then there’s the bar scene and atmosphere. Etc.>>

My roommate was genuinely envious and you only need to check out her Instagram for perspective, as her travels last year ranged from Cuba to a castle in the south of Italy.

Obviously, there are neighborhoods in Mexico City that you wouldn’t want to be waving cash around sporting your Rolex and tons of bling. Simple common sense. And golfers aren’t that adventurous, anyway, so there is no reason to be afraid.

This Paste Magazine article from 2015 does a fantastic and hilarious job, debunking the top five myths of traveling to Mexico City. I was crying laughing.

The Tour is even providing THE MEDIA with transportation to and from the airport to our accommodations. (Thanks, by the way!) The hotels where everyone is staying are in Polanco, which is described as “upscale” and home to some of the “wealthiest families in Mexico.”

Lee Westwood posted a picture of the police escort from I’m presuming the airport to hotel. I’m guessing he was on one of the two charters for the players (and other selected industry people).

But here’s the BEST news: There is a YUGE wall covered in ivy that surrounds the entire venue, Club de Golf Chapultepec — it is so bigly tremendous it would even make President Trump drool.

I am not kidding. You can see the 10-foot high wall on Google Maps.

Wall Mexico City

There are also TWO sets of gold-plated (which may or may not be true, but I probably just made that part up because they would’ve been stolen almost as soon as they were constructed) security gates at the entrance. Yes, they’re the best security gates in the world. And you have to pass through the best security people in the world — they are so good at security because they were born to be security people — not only once but twice to enter best venue you’ll ever see. It is the absolute best, better than Augusta National. Everybody knows.

There are more of the best security people that walk around the property to make sure none of the many bad hombres are trying to get through the wall — not that they could because the wall is built with the best and strongest stuff you use to build walls.

Just look at the 10th tee — it is winning in all the 10th tees everywhere because it knows everything about winning.