Golf telecasts: A cure for insomnia…?
By Stephanie Wei under European Tour

Because in the Middle East, the work week is from Sunday through Thursday, so it’s technically the start of the weekend here. After hours of reading every newspaper back in America, just thought it would nice to lighten the mood and try not to think about walls, alleged voter fraud, xenophobic, anti-immigrant policies, etc. Here’s just part of a conversation that I had with Robert Rock last week in Abu Dhabi, where he was explaining the new Green Books and eventually it led to a light-heated conversation about slow play and watching a golf telecast:

Rock actually tried to give himself a bad time after the par-3 7th in Friday’s second round. He said he saw the rules official as he was walking off the tee and volunteered a penalty because he took an embarrassingly long time to hit his tee shot — which he estimated to be around a minute or more. He said he backed off at least once, switched clubs, and just went through a painfully long pre-shot routine before he actually hit the darn ball. He was serious about the bad time, but the official retorted that he either wasn’t paying attention or he was off the hook.

That’s a good example set by Rock that players who are actually persistently slow should start to adopt. Yeah, I know, good luck with that. Hey, wishful thinking can’t hurt sometimes!

I’ve heard many people (usually not golfers) heed this advice, though — that they put on golf to help them drift to sleep. I will not comment on whether or not it works.

In other news, I’m sure by now you’ve seen The Awkward Reporter that went live via the European Tour’s social media channels on Friday evening. Well, you may recall that I mentioned how much really, really good content that they’re holding onto for a rainy day. Here’s the director’s cut, a longer version of the original video.

I cracked a joke to Tyrell Hatton in the scrum following his round on Saturday when he’d taken a one-shot lead over a bunch of big names through 54 holes. I just repeated what the Awkward Reporter Tom Gray said to him, “The rumors, are they true?”

I think the poor kid is still traumatized from that whole experience!


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