WATCH: 9-year-old Billy grills Rory McIlroy in the most hilarious interview ever
By Stephanie Wei under European Tour


The European Tour strikes again with another can’t-miss, must-watch original video! — their video production team seriously deserves a raise, but they’ve been putting out super creative, hilarious and quality content for years now.

As a special treat on Friday, Billy, a nine-year-old who basically talks a ton of sh*t to some of the biggest names in the game and is absurdly funny, returned to grill Rory McIlroy in his latest interview. And Little Billy asks McIlroy (and other players) questions that would normally get any reporter’s press credentials revoked or possibly something involving fists and a trip to the hospital. But, thankfully, Billy is adorable and 9 years old, not to mention rather charming, so he can say whatever he wants. (Damn him! Relax, relax, only joking.)

Billy brings up how McIlroy skipped the Olympics and Rory was man enough to admit that he might have been wrong and he was glad things went well. He even confessed he used Zika as an excuse.

“A few people used that excuse and I just jumped on the bandwagon,” said McIlroy, who seemed a bit ashamed.

Hey, credit him for his candor and just being a big enough of a person to admit he was wrong. You would be surprised how many people in McIlroy’s position as one of top-ranked players in the world would have trouble doing the same.

Naturally, Billy continues the line of awkward questioning to make McIlroy squirm. Knowing he had been engaged to professional tennis player Caroline Wozniacki, Billy asked, “Who’s your favorite girl tennis player?”

Rory looked clearly uncomfortable and after a bit of squirming and trying to think of perhaps a clever or politically correct way to answer the question, he says, “Honestly Billy, I’ve stopped following women’s tennis.”

Billy approves of this decision, replying, “Good call.”

Eventually, Billy reveals to Rory that he wants to interview Tiger Woods and asked him to put in a good word for him. Rory was all for the concept and said he would absolutely love to see Billy interview the 14-time major champion.

Billy asked Rory for advice on what to ask Tiger: “”f I meet Tiger, should I ask him for career advice, or chat-up lines?”

Rory initially said the latter, but then said he shouldn’t be restricted to just one and should ask Woods both. I would definitely love to see that interview.

Now perhaps the funniest part of the video was when the conversation turned to Rory’s upcoming wedding to Erica Stoll.

“I got you a wedding present, but I should probably give it to you now,” Billy said.

He opened a box filled with socks.

Rory didn’t get the joke immediately and asked, “A box of socks? What’s this all about?”

“Just in case you get cold feet again,” said Billy, referencing Rory’s broken engagement to Wozniaki several years ago shortly after the invitations had gone out in the mail.

Oh, ouch. But, damn, that’s funny!

The interview ends with Rory jokingly telling Billy, “You are a cheeky little (expletive).”

Indeed. And don’t ever change, Billy. I mean, I wish I were that cheeky and could get away with basically talking shit in interview with the pros. Well played by all parties involved.


If you haven’t already seen the other absolutely incredible video the European Tour debuted earlier in the week, that’s also a MUST-WATCH! I mean, holy crap, they never cease to amaze and something like this video below takes a ton of coordination and cooperation from the players, which is partly why they consistently produce such funny and cool content.

Check out the best players from the European Tour take on the Mannequin Challenge as they prepare for the DP World Tour Championship, Dubai at Jumeirah Golf Estates.

I can’t get over how mind-blowing, that is. Bravo, European Tour, bravo!