Tiger Woods unveils “next chapter” of his career
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods



Tiger Woods is preparing for the next chapter of his life, career — whatever you want to call it. After withdrawing from last week’s PGA Tour 2016-17 season opener the Safeway Classic three days after he committed, along with the Turkish Airlines Open, which he had said last month he also hoped to play this fall, Woods’ future playing competitively again has come into question. After all, he did have three back surgeries or procedures in a span of 18 months from March 2014 to October 2015.

Woods fueled more speculation of his pending retirement with an announcement on Monday, with a blog post on his website, entittled, “Tiger’s Next Step,” which he calls “Chapter 2: my evolution as a competitor off the course.” I know we’re barely a sentence into the story, but how does that not scream, “My days competing in tournaments are over”? Or, “I’m moving up to the next stage of my life?” Wait, it basically does!

That next step — and my next chapter — is TGR.

I’ve spent nearly two years developing TGR with my team. And this is what we are about: the pursuit of excellence beyond all limits.

I approach everything I do with a mindset to be the absolute best. The method I follow to get there is inspired by precision, with the end goal of elevating standards and the status quo. And I’m always striving for the kind of mastery that naturally results from focus and a willingness to keep learning.

This new enterprise TGR will unite Tiger’s businesses “within a single brand that reflects his vast experience in philanthrophy, design, performance, partnerships, events and hospitality.” It’s a savvy business move, of course, as most companies are consolidated under one parent company.

Tiger also unveiled a new logo, marking a shift away from the classic TW logo that has been part of Woods’ businesses for as long as anyone can remember practically.

Woods spoke in more detail about his new pursuits in an email interview with Fast Company, where he said he plans to be very involved in the day-to-day decision-making as the chairman of TGR.

“There is so much excitement about the potential of TGR,” says Woods. “I’m excited to explore the possibilities in design, product development, hospitality, and possibly entertainment.”

It’s a big move for the golf superstar, who is bringing all of his existing businesses under a single umbrella for the first time and will also pursue new endeavors under the TGR brand. The company gives Woods a unified corporate structure that will serve as a home base for all of his businesses moving forward. Woods is wagering that the move will help define his legacy and keep him in the game long after he’s done bringing home golf titles.

Apparently, the non-golf writer at Fast Company is still under the impression that Woods has many, many years of competitive golf ahead of him.

Of course, Woods could, at the age of 40, still have many years ahead of him as a competitive golfer. Given his famously intense training regimen and diverse business interests, how will he manage everything? “I pride myself on being efficient,” he says. “I also don’t sleep much.”

Just a few quick thoughts:

*I know just about everyone thought Tiger was going to play in the Safeway because he committed three days prior, but don’t forget that he pulled a similar move last year where he committed to play in the then-Frys.com Open and withdrew around a week later. I was talking with a friend at the Ryder Cup and we were both saying we thought Woods playing in the Safeway and Turkish Airlines tourney were total B.S. (I said it on a radio show the week before and the hosts thought I was insane, I think.)

In my opinion, I think he made those announcements — which were a week or two before the Ryder Cup — as to not have to field constant questions from the press about when he would next play. He also has obligations to both those tournaments that have yet to be fulfilled and he used careful wording, like “plans to play” or “hopes to play.”

*I don’t think Woods would be chairman of a major company representing his brand and say he’s going to be involved in the day-to-day decision-making if he plans to continue to play competitive golf. Sorry, diehard Tiger fans. Hey, we would love to see him back out on the course, as well, but not if his body is too broken. I also don’t want to watch him shoot in 80s or even just finish in the middle of the pack. If he’s ever going to come back to competitive golf, I’d like to see him at least in contention somewhat often rather than watching the cut line.

*I’m not hating. I’m really not. I’m just voicing the harsh reality of the situation. I’m sure I’ll get yelled at by those who are still delusional, but I don’t think he’d be vice-captaining Ryder Cup (and calling team members every day or even multiple times a day to strategize) and Presidents Cup teams, not to mention this announcement about TGR and his massive role in the daily operations.

*Woods has had an illustrious career — even with *only* 14 majors. Unfortunately, his playing career was cut short by countless injuries and setbacks, but IMHO, I think he deserves the GOAT title. Sorry, Jack.