Rickie Fowler permanently brands himself with new Olympic tattoo
By Stephanie Wei under Olympics

Rickie Fowler has always been a cool kid. He had possibly even reached super good guy and “badass” status level when he got his first ink. Fowler actually has a minimum of four tattoos! Did you know that? 99% of you are lying if you say you did because I wasn’t even aware until last night. And his tattoos aren’t just the cliche, meaningless kind that were branded permanently on his body just for the sake of having ink — they actually have some sort of significance and deeper meaning to the 26-year-old golfer.

rickie-fowler tattoo

His latest tattoo forever memorializes a special experience Fowler had this summer that he shared with a very small percentage of professional golfers around the globe. While many of the world’s best players, including the top-four in the rankings, skipped out on the Rio Olympics for various reasons, Fowler, naturally, did the “right” thing — he sucked it up, added the tournament to his already uber-busy schedule and made the most of the unforgettable time in Rio.

If you follow Fowler, who finished a mediocre 37th at the Olympics, on SnapChat (which I recommend you do), then you definitely could tell how much fun he had and how he took advantage of the unique opportunity as an Olympian. He went to cheer on fellow Americans in their competitions, and in exchange, several athletes returned the favor and even showed up to the golf course! (I know, right? That’s definitely effort!!!)

I know, I know, talk about burying the lede here. But I’m finally getting to the main point. Fowler and his pal Sam Dorman, who secured silver in the men’s synchronized 3-meter springboard diving event, branded their right forearms with *matching* Olympic rings to forever cherish and celebrate the games and their unforgettable experiences.

I’m not sure what to think, especially about the matching part, etc. I have seen teams, like in college, get matching tattoos in the same place as a team bonding thing. Or fraternities do something similar. So, it’s kind of interesting to see two individual athletes ink themselves with identical branding in the same extra part of the body. To each his own!

Maybe Fowler just wanted it in a very visible spot, so he could rub it in Jordan Spieth’s face. Spieth agonized over the decision and ended up deciding to sit out the Olympics at the last minute. Fowler and Spieth are good friends, so I’m sure Fowler is giving Spieth a hard time about the tattoo (not that it would be Jordan’s style to get any ink). Maybe Spieth feels a tiny bit of regret for a moment, but then he goes to his closet and puts on his Green Jacket and takes a swig out of his U.S. Open trophy before offering Rickie a sip. Amirite or amirite?

As I mentioned above, this newest tattoo is not even Fowler’s *second* tattoo. He has several. SO EDGY! In January at the first tournament of the year the Hyundai Tournament of Champions, Fowler unveiled his new ink, which is very notable to the golfer — he had his grandfather’s name Yutaka Tanaka inscribed on his left bicep in Japanese characters. Fowler shared the meaningful characters via his Instagram account early this year.

[Ed note: Whoops, I *just* noticed that the remainder of the original post after the embedded Instagram photo was deleted — which is something that annoyingly happens quite often after I embed an image from social media. I will do my best to remember what I wrote yesterday, but uhh, my bad. Sorry about that.]

Fowler unveiled another tattoo at the Presidents Cup in South Korea last year — an outline of the block letter “G”, which has been inked on his left elbow.

Fowler added the tattoo in support of Georgia Veach, the daughter of Seattle-based pastor Chad Veach and his wife Julia. Georgia was 4 months old when she was diagnosed with lissencephaly, a rare brain disorder characterized by the absence of folds in the cerebral cortex. It also is known as “smooth brain.”

He got to know Veach through Judah Smith, also at The City Church in Seattle, who also is friends with Bubba Watson.

Among those who have a “G” tattoo for Georgia are singer Justin Bieber.

At least Fowler’s ink all have some sort of significant meaning and they aren’t images of something cliche, like a dragon, heart or skull or something equally lame.

Finally, Fowler’s other tattoo honors his late swing coach Barry McDonnell. To our knowledge, that one was his first, unless he has more that we haven’t seen engraved on intimate parts of his body (but we do see him A LOT on social media without a shirt on, so it’d have to be…well, I’ll leave it at that).