Wet hot American summer at the PGA Championship Day 1
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Championship


justin thomas

It’s hot in herre. As expected (yet dreaded), it was absolutely scorching hot at Baltusrol GC in Springfield, New Jersey (about 30 minutes from Manhattan). I mean, it “said” the temperature was 94-degrees, but I’m pretty sure it “felt” more like 105 degrees at least. And don’t even get me started what it was like if you were walking on concrete — I felt like I was suffocating and burning in a fire.

Well, even some of the golfers who are used to such roasting hot temperatures couldn’t handle the heat during Monday’s practice round ahead of the fourth and final major the PGA Championship.(And yes, the Open Championship was just the other week, and yes, it feels like it’s too soon for it to be another major, but the schedule is messed up this year because of that word that starts with O-l-y-… Let’s just be happy most of us don’t have to deal with the same insane travel schedule.)

Justin Thomas, a Kentucky native who now lives in Jupiter, Florida, was feeling the impact of the blistering heat, so he did only what any innovative golfer would do — he rolled up his pants and turned them into capri-like shorts. I mean, we were wondering what he was doing in the above picture on the range, but it appears like he was showing the makeshift shorts he made earlier on the course.  The caption in the below Instagram video reads:

“Little hot out here at the Baltusrol… Desperate times call for desperate measures! Think the PGA will be ok with this attire move??”

I’ve tried to embed the Insta-vid about 50 times and it’s not working it’s what screwed up the entire post to begin with, so I give up. Here’s the link if you want to check it out (and yes, I’m really cranky about the hours of time in my life I’ll never get back over dealing with this issue all the time).

From JT’s SnapChat: IMG_3732 IMG_3733 Dude, I feel your pain. I thought I was going to melt or light on fire Monday.

UPDATE: Just realized that stupid WordPress erased most of my post because it does this sometimes after I embed a tweet or Instagram. SO FRUSTRATING. It would help if I remembered what I wrote, but it was Monday. FML. Well, let’s see, I know I posted photos of the Days having a “very rare family day” at the Morriston Game Vault… IMG_3737IMG_3745IMG_3748IMG_3746IMG_3743IMG_3741IMG_3739IMG_3738IMG_3742  

I ran into Andrew “Beef” Johnston. As you may have guessed, he has tremendous crossover appeal and his popularity and legend has grown exponentially at Baltusrol. While there weren’t many fans at the PGA Championship on Monday, the ones that were around all flocked toward Beef wherever he went. When I spotted him, I called out, “Hey, Beef!” He gave a big toothy smile and waved hello, and as he started walking toward me, he saw I was about to take a picture of him. He stopped me and said, “No, no, we have to take a selfie.” Well, alrighty, then! Beef  

Finally, Smylie Kaufman wins the week with the best #tbt (even though it’s Monday). He posted a photo of him and family as spectators when the PGA Championship was last held at Baltusrol in 2005. (And that makes me feel as really, really old, reminding me that was the same summer I moved to NYC post-college. Wow.)

Throwback to 2005 PGA at Baltusrol when I was on the other side of the ropes. Look forward to playing this time around! A photo posted by Smylie Kaufman (@smyliekaufman10) on