When Henrik met Henrik…
By Stephanie Wei under General

Henrik Stenson is 18 holes away from winning his first major championship– not to mention becoming the first Swede in history. Stenson, 40, is arguably the best player in the game without a major, and obviously you don’t secure such a distinguished tag without a number of close calls (including a runner-up finish in 2013 to Phil Mickelson).

(Stenson and Mickelson have separated themselves from the field as Stenson has a six-shot advantage over the next competitor. At this point, it is most likely too many shots to make up, especially at Royal Troon…)

For those who aren’t aware of what a legend Stenson is — which appears to be the case for the average American fan — ever wonder what’s he really like? Maybe not, but you should. And who better to ask the questions than Henrik himself? Yes, no joke. Just watch the above video from 2011. 

I have to thank my Irish contributor for basically forcing me to watch it and I’m thankful he did! I mean, first of all, I loved how the European Tour came up with the idea, but now that I know how chill they are on the other side of the pond, so I am not surprised whatsoever. And how many players have the ability to pull off interviewing himself? And being as funny as the whole thing was? That’s not easy. I can’t see many other tour pros (at least in the U.S.) manage to interview himself the way Stenson did and be so funny without seeming like he was trying. Mostly because Stenson is not doing anything he doesn’t do on a daily basis. He has a dry, self-deprecating sense of humor, perhaps slightly weird at times, but always hilarious.


To learn more about Stenson’s crazy journey (and more laughs), I highly recommend reading his “My Shot” in Golf Digest published in August 2014.

Just a standard Stenson press conference (Nov 14, 2014) via Phil Casey of the Press Association:



How could anyone forget that time Henrik decided to strip down to his skivvies to hit a shot because he didn’t want his clothes to get muddy as he still had 6 holes to play…

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Via The Guardian:

“Because of the mud I couldn’t really afford to play in any of my clothes as they would have been a real mess down the last six or so holes so I had no option,” Stenson said. “I was only wearing two things when I hit the shot: my jocks and my golf glove – that is the only thing that will appear in the picture aside from the golf club – just the way God created me. Shirt, trousers, socks, shoes, hat, the lot was off.

“I just remembered I didn’t have my rain gear so I didn’t have any choice,” he said. “I felt like I was definitely going to save a shot by actually playing the ball so that was the only decision I had to make. If you are saving a shot, that has to be worth taking off your shirt and trousers.

“I’m sure I’ll hear a few comments and once the pictures get out, I’ll hear a few more no doubt. I’ll probably take that to my grave with me. I don’t think I scared too many spectators off the course, hopefully.

“You never know, after this I might have a new endorsement with Playgirl or something like that.”


Enjoy the final round duel between Phil Mickelson and Stenson!! Naturally, I’m writing about that next and my theories on who will win and why. Or perhaps who *should* win and why is a better way to put it.