VIDEO: That time when my round at Prestwick got dangerous!
By Stephanie Wei under Humor

It’s Friday, so why not mix things up with a bit of fun and I promise you’ll get a good laugh (if you don’t, then get a sense of humor)? Plus, there was a request from a fellow media member to post the above video or make it available to share. On Wednesday morning I played Prestwick GC, the home of the Open Championship (yes, it’s where the first one was staged in 1860).

Between the history and the character, it’s one of my favorite tracks and it’s the kind of course you like even more every time you play it. Every single hole is completely unique with distinct features. It’s also a track where you *DEFINITELY* need a caddie because otherwise you’ll have no idea where to hit it at times. OK, what I’m trying to say is that if you have the opportunity, you HAVE to play it.

But I digress.

I was joined on Wednesday by my friends at Golf Digest Alex Myers and Steve Hennessey. On the fifth hole — which is a blind par-3 and one of my favorite (yes, for real, I love it because never seen anything like it) — Steve struggled with his tee shot and ended up in the tall grass on the hill that sits in front of the green. It wasn’t an easy shot whatsoever, so I decide to break out SnapChat to capture the moment. (Make sure you turn on the volume when you watch, but be warned: NSFW.)

For my trouble, Steve nearly Vijay’d me! No joke the ball was going straight at my head, but luckily, I have quick enough reflexes and dodged it.

The lesson here: It never hurts to break out your phone and Snap something or simply take a video… This moment was pretty priceless!