Jason Day’s rib popped out in practice round, but he’s fine
By Stephanie Wei under British Open

There was a moment Tuesday evening at Royal Troon where it looked like world no. 1 Jason Day might have endured a rib injury. He was setting up to hit his approach shot on no. 18 in his practice round when he suddenly came out of his back swing and grabbed the left side of his ribs. Day appeared like he was in pain, but shook it off, regrouped and hit his shot.

It was certainly a cause for concern and a bit of a worrisome moment as I wondered if Day had endured a serious injury that could impact his chances to win a second major. And I say this in a very caring way, but this is Jason Day we’re talking about — he has a bit of a history when it comes to freak injuries (and not just with the vertigo!).

No need to fret, though! Day is just fine.

“I just popped something,” he told me after he spent at least 15 minutes signing autographs and running back and forth to accommodate fans on both sides of the 18th green. “You know, like when you crack your knuckle. But it’s all good.”

Phew. False alarm, thankfully!