Wednesday at the 2016 U.S. Open: Favorites, sleepers and etc.
By Stephanie Wei under US Open

Okay, it’s been a hectic couple of days and insomnia appears to continue to become a serious issue. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I just wanted to post my picks before first-round play got too far underway.

I am going to quickly go through the main things and i”ll expand on them if needed after I get some sleep, and can see and think straight — or at least better, which I hear helps when writing and making sense are the goal.

The top three stats that equated to players’ success at the 2007 U.S. Open at Oakmont: 1) GIR; 2) Driving accuracy; 3) Putting.

Length isn’t that big of an issue because players, like Rory Mcilroy and Jason Day, will only need to hit driver off the tee about five times.

The players who’s game stack up to Oakmont the best (listed in order): 

Jordan Spieth

Henrik Stenson (best GIR percentage in last three years)

Jim Furyk

Brandt Snedeker

Harris English

Matt Kuchar

Russell Knox

Branden Grace

Danny Lee

Charl Schwartzel

Marc Leishman

Louis Oosthuizen

(*Rory McIlroy….even though my expert consultant said no because of his poor course management.

*Jason Day — I just don’t see how you can leave Day off the list. I know he isn’t the most accurate driver in the world, but he’s ranked first in strokes gained putting this year on Tour.)

I discussed Rory with my picks expert, especially since it regrettably started to pour Wednesday evening because we know he likes U.S. Opens with much softer conditions.

Well, the heavy rains didn’t avoid Oakmont, to at least my dismay.

So I asked the aforementioned picks/stats expert again. He initially had said it would be good for Rory if it rained and conditions were soft, but those didn’t outweigh the fact that Rory’s strength doesn’t like in course management, which will be especially important at Oakmont, and another has even called his ability to strategize, etc. the “worst on Tour.”

And I won’t even get to everything they’ve said about he how could use someone who is “more than just a luggage carrier” (THEIR WORDS, not mine…!)

However, Thursday’s conditions will suit his aggressive style.

Rory has a big advantage with the rain, but he’s gotta go really low the first two days before it gets firm and fast like we know it will. That wouldn’t completely shock me because he’s such a good ballstriker, but he just never need to reel it back,, so he just developed that style of play.

[Thursday Update: Yep. Rory is +4 through 13 before play was suspended throughout the delay due to inclement weather before calling play at 4pm ET. It will resume at 7:30am ET Friday.]

Wednesday’s SnapChat round-up:

Guess who the last person on the course was?

Kevin Na’s caddie Kenny Harms isn’t afraid to share his opinions. It’s part of why we love him. He went on a little rant or was just very passionate because we all looked at him like his was nuts, but not so much anymore! Harms, basically, said Oakmont played harder in ’07 and it was tougher a few weeks ago for the members, when the rough was even higher and the greens faster, etc.

Well, he’s looking pretty smart now considering the torrential rainstorms that started Wednesday evening and lasted all day Thursday. I guess every once in a while you get lucky, right? Kenny still thinking the winning score will be at -2, but someone will shot -6 Friday. Overall, he believes it will be tougher because half the field will have to play 36 one day.

Check it out…

First, he explains why the course is easier than it was in ’07:

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Then, he shares what the winning score will be…. if it rains (like it did):

-6 through 36, -2 total at Oakmont.

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The plan was to try out Facetime Live on Wednesday, which I hadn’t used before. Again, I wish I didn’t let this bully upset me, but I don’t really enjoy being shamed and screamed at for his own ignorance mistake.

Actually a bunch of bullies on the 8th/9th hole who were rent-a-cops or officials that didn’t know the rules at all. I mean, they even YELLED at a player. I’ve always been told the player has the last word. Well, these clueless security guys and some hole captain or whomever he was — should have gotten all their names — didn’t know what was going on clearly, and screamed at me and the player. Yes, they SCREAMED at a player. It was unreal.

When I told the main bully that I had asked specifically about this situation and it is always the player who has the final call. And he said I was wrong. I asked who does then? He said the red shirt rent-a-cops. I almost laughed.

It was all completely inappropriate. The part that really, really upset me was he just assumed I was dumb girl who had no idea what I was doing, etc. and talked down to me and I actually do. Not my first rodeo. Clearly his, though!

At one point — oh, I had my phone in my pocket, by the way — he told me no interviews inside the ropes. I said, Uh, that’s not what was happening. We grew up together and we were catching up. The player kept telling these overzealous uninformed security guards and marshal-official dude that it was, “OK, I was with them,” because didn’t seem like the player was fond of their tone. Unfortunately, the fiasco was disturbing and distracting.

When the player walked off the green, he gave me a WTF look and said, are they going to let you com with us here (gesturing toward the 9th hole). I said, I don’t know. He said, well on. We were immediately treated like we were trying to rob a bank a bank or something. It as unreal. The player kept saying she is with us. And they said, she can’t come. It was absurd.

Then, I was on my phone a bit aways…maybe halfway down the hole and I first called one USGA official to tell him what happened (who confirmed the player always has the last word) and then I emailed another, etc. giving a detailed account, but I was in complete shock still at the whole thing. So then, these two security guards drive over to me in a cart and ask, “Do we have to worry about you, miss?” First of all, WTF does that mean? Second of all, uh, really? Again, still in shock and wish I had been more poised to shoot back properly.

Then, I guess I get a backhanded apology? One of them goes, “Yeah, sorry about that, but you media are the worst. Those guys are all assholes.” I said, “Well, usually I’d be inclined to agree with you — I work with these guys, but in this situation, we actually know what we’re doing and you guys prevent us from doing our jobs because you don’t know the rules and this event is not our first rodeo.”

Boom. I was annoyed I let myself get upset enough that I’ll never get those 2-3 hours back, but whatever.

Okay, so definitely Facebook Live on Friday! At least once. See you there!

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