Ernie Els drops a stroke, birdy drops a load
By Stephanie Wei under Humor

Ernie Els bird poop

Well, crap. Ernie Els got pooped on in the final round of The Players. Literally. As he was picking up his ball from the cup after making a bogey on the first hole, a bird happened to drop what appeared to be a massive load on him.

Els took it in stride and laughed it off with his caddie and playing partner Justin Rose, as he tried to clean himself up with a towel. I’ve always heard that getting pooped on by a bird was good luck, but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for Els on Sunday. He went on to post a three-over 75.

You know what they say, though: shit happens!

[Ed. note: Ugh, for whatever reason, the video isn’t embedding properly and keeps screwing up the formatting of the post. So, here’s the link.]