Wells Fargo Championship receives backlash for “Cinco de Mayo” tweet
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour


The Wells Fargo Championship, this week’s PGA Tour event, deleted the above-pictured tweet (and photo) from its official Twitter account after receiving criticism from followers calling it “racist.” The photo appears to be a group of fans wearing sombreros and fake mustaches standing around a Phil Mickelson cutout. 

Per the Associated Press, tournament spokesman Lee Patterson said in an email, “our intention was to help fans celebrate Cinco de Mayo. We received some comments that we were being insensitive, which was never the tournament’s intention. So, we took the image down.”

I guess it’s borderline, but I can’t stand this so-called “holiday” in the U.S. I obviously don’t think the tourney’s intent was for the photo to be racist, but the entire concept of Cinco de Mayo can lean that way. Honestly, I feel like it’s just another excuse for Americans, who have no idea about the origins of the celebration, to get drunk and do stupid crap. Why do we need a reason for that, anyway?? ‘Merica!