Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player are down for #SB2K17 with Jordan, Rickie, Justin and Smylie
By Stephanie Wei under Humor


The buzz all last week in golf was around #SB2K16, where Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler, Justin Thomas and Smylie Kaufman took a bro’d-out vacation to Bakers Bay in the Bahamas. And it looked like a lot of friggin’ fun. Who else was addicted to Thomas and Fowler’s constant documentation of the trip via SnapChat, and had major FOMO? <<both hands raised>> (See photos below)

I commend the guys for letting loose and enjoying themselves, and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to pull that stick out of their behind.

Although #SB2K16 had to come to an end, it might not be too soon to start thinking about #SB2K17. Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus *both* want in on the festivities next year. 

On Tuesday, Player tweeted out a picture of him and Nicklaus from around 1965 on a safari and asked for an invite to #SB2K17.

Smylie, the MVP of #SB2K16, responded:

On Wednesday, Nicklaus retweeted Player’s original tweet and said to count him in.

Oh boy. I think both Nicklaus and Player are joking, but can you imagine? I can definitely see Player keeping up with the young guns and challenging them to push-ups every other second (and probably beating everyone). The two legends aren’t the only ones that want to partake in next year’s revelry. Rory McIlroy also expressed regret for turning down Fowler’s invitation!


More scenes from #SB2K16 via Rickie’s and Justin’s SnapChats:

IMG_2172 IMG_2173 IMG_2174 IMG_2175 IMG_2176 IMG_2177 IMG_2178 IMG_2179 IMG_2181 IMG_2182 IMG_2186 IMG_2187 IMG_2188 IMG_2194 IMG_2196