WATCH: Jordan Spieth stars in new “This is SportsCenter” ad
By Stephanie Wei under Humor

Jordan Spieth

On Wednesday morning, SportsCenter’s Twitter account teased its new #ThisIsSportsCenter commercial starring Jordan Spieth, along with his caddie Michael Greller, asking for 1,000 retweets before it released the full ad. Well, that didn’t take very long — as of this evening, it’s been retweeted over 10,000 times. 

ESPN made good on its promise and posted the latest edition of the popular series, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The ad shows Spieth eating mac n’ cheese in the ESPN cafeteria with Greller standing over his shoulder, leaning in — sort of like how he would if they were looking at a putt. Spieth, in a hushed voice, asks for Greller’s advice on his utensil choice.

“I don’t know,” Spieth asks him. “What do you think?

“Cheese looks a little saucy,” Greller cautions. “I’d go spoon.”

“Alright, spoon,” says Spieth, who proceeds to take a bite.

Check it out — it’s quite funny, as it’s clearly poking a bit of fun at Spieth’s successful and close partnership with Greller.

According to’s Jason Sobel, Spieth took a bite of the mac ‘n cheese for every one of the 51 takes required to finish the commercial. Sobel also takes us behind the scenes of the shoot, revealing that it took place in ESPN’s studios in Los Angeles the day before the opening round of the Northern Trust Open.

This is the part where keen observers will try to paint a connection between this number and another big one — 79 — that he posted at Riviera the next day, but Spieth insists he’s already a seasoned veteran at keeping down his commercial-shoot consumption without needing a spit bucket.

“I did a Coca-Cola commercial and drank about 18 Cokes,” he boasted at one point, “so this is nothing.”

The message of the ad is clearly inspired by Spieth’s constant emphasis on his “team” and how it’s always a group effort — the good times and the bad ones, too. The commercial brings out the strong bond and chemistry that Spieth and Greller share, which obviously lends to their successful partnership.

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