Report: Tiger Woods taking DRIVER swings!
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods

For a guy who’s sidelined by a nagging back injury, Tiger Woods sure has made a lot of headlines this week. Woods, who posted a video of him hitting a shot into a simulator Wednesday morning — as a response to social media reports that his condition had worsened — is hitting more than just 9-irons.

He’s reportedly hitting *drivers* and “he’s further along in his recovery than we were led to believe,” according to Tim Rosaforte on Thursday.

Rosaforte said a “trusted source” told him that Woods was actually hitting drivers at the end of last week. “Not full speed, but that he was hitting driver,” Rosaforte said.

Woods’ agent Mark Steinberg refused to verify or comment on this new nugget, saying Team Tiger gave its update on Wednesday.

Tiger also drove a few miles down the ways Thursday night to attend a Ryder Cup dinner with the top 40 (and some) players — who are playing in the Honda Classic — in the U.S. team standings that was hosted by Jack Nicklaus and his wife Barbara.