WATCH: Obama saved the best for last with spectacular chip-in
By Stephanie Wei under Gossip

obama at mid ocean country club

President Barack Obama impressed onlookers on the 18th at Mid Pacific Country Club on Monday when he sank a 40-foot chip from just off the green to finish his round. Reports did not indicate what score he made on the hole (I’m guessing that White House pool reporters aren’t big golfers?).

Coincidentally, the magnificent shot took place only moments after the media was given their first glimpse of the President while he’s on his annual vacation to the island of Oahu in Hawaii.

Obama hit the chip, walked toward the green and watched it go in the hole. He celebrated by dropping the club and raising his arms triumphantly. Then, he proceeded to turn toward the media and spectators and pointed toward them. It was basically a “drops mic” moment.

NYT White House correspondent Julie Hirschfield Davis caught the moment and posted a photo on Twitter:

Davis wrote in the press pool report:

“The president, wearing a grey golf shirt, dark shorts, a cap and a white glove on his right hand, took his position on the fringe about 40 feet from the hole, squatted down for a better view, then took a few practice swings before chipping the ball in,” Davis wrote in the Monday pool report.

“A cheer went up when he made the shot, and POTUS raised both arms in triumph, then turned and pointed in your pool’s direction, in a ‘you-guys-saw-that-right?’ kind of a gesture, although he didn’t say a word.”

Check out the video clip:

I still want to know what he made on the hole. Was it a birdie? Clutch par save? Bogey? C’mon!