Ellie Day to Lebron James: “We good”
By Stephanie Wei under Freak Incidents

lebron james ellie day

It was a scary moment during the fourth quarter of the Cleveland Cavaliers game against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night. Lebron James was scrambling for a loose ball when he plowed into Ellie Day, wife of Jason Day — the couple were sitting courtside, where they’ve been spotted in the past, as they live near Columbus, Ohio.

Ellie had her neck stabilized by paramedics and was taken to a Cleveland-area hospital, where she was treated for “concussion symptoms.” Here’s the statement from Jason’s agent Bud Martin:

Here’s a Vine of James flattening Ellie during the game:

As Ellie, who gave birth to the couple’s second child on November 11, was being taken away in the stretcher, James went over to check on her and squeezed her hand.

“She squeezed my hand and said she was fine,” he said. “I think she was just a little weary. For me, obviously, her health is very important and hopefully she is doing well. The guys told me she’s doing great now. For me, just going for a loose ball, I tried to keep the possession going, I just hate that that was the end result.”

Ellie wrote a note that she posted on Twitter Friday, letting everyone know that she’s 1) OK; 2) not mad at Lebron; 3) not mad at her husband; and 4) wants you all to shut up and leave her alone. OK, I made up that last one…but stop being idiots, people.