Mid-am champ raises $25K in three days to fund practice for Masters
By Stephanie Wei under Amateur Golf


By capturing the U.S. Mid-Amateur, Sammy Schmitz earned a spot in the field for next year’s Masters. Schmitz, a 35-year-old regional director for a health care company in Wisconsin, is allowed to practice at Augusta National this winter, but of course he has to pay for the expenses.

On Sunday his wife Natalie set up a GoFundMe page for her husband to raise money to help with the costs. 

“We currently live in a small town in Wisconsin where the winters are filled with snow and the cold temperatures will make it almost impossible to practice,” Natalie wrote when she launched the page. “Being a nurse I can only pick up so many extra shifts to help support my husband.”

In just three days, they raised over $25,000. It was much more than expected, so Schmitz halted further incoming donations.

“I have decided not to accept any more donations until further necessary,” wrote Schmitz. “I started this fund less than 3 days ago and can’t believe how much support we received locally and nationally. I changed the financial goal in order to make sure my estimated spending was below dollars spent as opposed to having a surplus. I feel so blessed we have so many supporters in our life and thank you so much for your contribution, comments and support!”

On the page, Schmitz disclosed that all the funding will be “governed” by the Minnesota Golf Association, and any money not used will be donated to the MGA.

Now, this is a feel-good story!