WATCH: Worst luck ever? Pretty much.
By Stephanie Wei under European Tour

In the first round of the Portugal Masters, Alvaro Quiros went to tap-in a one-footer for par on the 12th hole. After striking the putt, he instinctively started to reach down to pick up his ball, but much to his (and everybody else’s) dismay, the putt hit the back of the cup and then spun out.

WTF! I am literally cringing. I’ve seen some pretty brutal lip-outs, but this one seems particularly unfair. I guess bad breaks happen in golf.

Quiros still shot a four-under 67 to put him in a tie for 12th after the first round, but it definitely should have been one stroke lower. Yeah, yeah, that’s what they all say, but in this case, Quiros was robbed.

When Sunday rolls around, it probably won’t matter *that* much, but it would certainly hurt if he finishes second by a shot.