Trump watches immigrant win The Barclays
By Stephanie Wei under Humor

Donald Trump The Barclays

A surprise and very special guest made an appearance on Sunday for the final round of The Barclays. None other than Donald Trump, who will be the first to tell you he’s leading the GOP Presidential Candidate polls.

From the sounds of it, Trump, who was on-site for a meeting with PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem, was the actual main attraction at Plainfield Country Club in New Jersey — despite Australian Jason Day’s impressive runaway victory. 

The best thing I read this morning was Steve Politi’s column in the NJ Star-Ledger on the wild circus that followed Trump around the golf course.

Donald Trump was stopped immediately at the front entrance to Plainfield Country Club for his first of more than a hundred (no exaggeration) selfies and then headed inside. He took another quick selfie with Eric LeGrand — “Eric! Great to see you!” he said to the stunned former Rutgers football player — and then set off to watch the golf tournament.

I have seen some unusual things on a golf course, including Tiger Woods returning to professional golf at the Masters after his made-for-the-tabloids sex scandal. Nothing tops this for sheer insanity. The best golfers in the world were lining up putts for a $1.4 million prize, but the bigger galleries were formed around the businessman and reality TV star who suddenly is the frontrunner for the Republican party’s presidential nomination.

Naturally, Trump relished the immense attention. He even didn’t mind watching the golf with the minions!

And make no mistake: He loved every minute of it. An impromptu security detail of six Edison police officers surrounded him, but Trump made it clear that he wanted no special “inside the ropes” access that would take him away from the people. He wanted to be seen.

My favorite part is when Trump invited — or basically ordered — Politi to join him to visit with the military.

“I’m going up to see the military,” he told me. “They’re the most important people. You want to come in?” And then, before I could answer, he said to the cops, “He’s coming with me.”

He entered the Military Appreciation tent, but one of the Edison cops — who is built  like an NFL linebacker — didn’t get his message. He stopped me at the door. Trump looked over his shoulder, pointed back at me and repeated, “He’s with me.” I was  whisked inside.

He was immediately mobbed. More selfies. More thumbs up. Finally, he quieted the room with his familiar voice and asked the crowd, “Who loves The Star-Ledger?” People cheered.

“Make sure he writes well about me,” he said to the crowd. “If he doesn’t, kick his ass.”

That is absolutely classic. I definitely recommend reading the full version of the very enjoyable column.

The only thing I wish had been included were Trump’s musings on the dominating performance put on by Day, an immigrant who took away the opportunity for an American to win. 

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