WATCH: Bubba makes mountain out of an ant hill
By Stephanie Wei under Humor

After Bubba Watson drove his tee shot on the par-5 5th right of the fairway, he discovered his ball had come to rest on an ant hill. He called over a rules official to figure out whether or not he would get relief.

When he was told he had to play the ball as it lies because the ant hill was a “loose impediment,” he proceeded to argue with the official over the difference between ants, burrowing animals and tunneling animals.

“Okay, but I have a question for you,” said Bubba. “Since it’s an animal — it is an animal, right? Do you agree with that? It’s burrowing, it’s digging a hole. It’s either an ant bed or it’s an animal digging a hole. It’s one or the other…They’re tunnel-making is what we’re calling it this week.”

After he finally accepted the ruling, Bubba jokingly cried out, “Ow! It bit me!

Just another instance of Bubba being Bubba.