Under Armour revs up Jordan Spieth logo motive
By Stephanie Wei under Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth is officially a really big deal. The 22-year-old American has five PGA Tour wins, including a Green Jacket and U.S. Open trophy, and now, he also has his very own logo. Spieth’s head-to-toe sponsor Under Armour filed three trademarks for what appears to be the golfer’s logo, according to

The logo features two J’s with an S that is contained in the white space in between. The filings say the intent is to use the logo on everything from footwear to golf gloves, headwear, eyewear, jackets and pants.

Under Armour received a boost following Spieth’s victories at the Masters and U.S. Open this year, but the company has yet to monetize on the golfer’s own brand gear, which apparently is in the makings.

Spieth first signed with Under Armour in January 2013 shortly after announcing he was turning pro. In January of this year, Spieth and the company ripped up the final two years of the terms of the initial deal to give them another 10 years together through 2025. Terms were not disclosed, but sources claim that if Spieth continues to perform on the golf course, he’ll become one of the highest-paid players in the game. His bank account will also increase once he receives royalties from the sales of his own gear, which is expected to hit stores next year.

This is what Spieth’s logo looks like, via


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