Lost in translation: Ben Martin’s “Open” week
By Stephanie Wei under British Open

As Ben Martin’s wife Kelly found out earlier this year, the English language can be tricky at times when it comes to golf-speak.

Martin’s sister-in-law Emily got engaged and asked Kelly for dates when Ben wouldn’t have a tournament conflicting with the wedding, so at the start of the year, Kelly went through the calendar and marked down all the tournaments that Ben might be playing.

Martin was at a tournament (though he can’t remember which one) on one of the practice days and left in the morning for the golf course, while his sister-in-law was booking venues and churches that same time. When he returned from practicing in the afternoon, Kelly said the wedding date had been set for July 18th and all the plans had been booked.

“I said, oh that doesn’t sound like a very good weekend,” recounted Martin prior to teeing off in his practice round at St Andrews Wednesday morning. “She said, no, it was in my calendar — it was Open.”

When they double-checked the schedule, the date of the wedding indeed coincided with the week of the Open Championship or the British Open. Kelly had written “Open week” when she was filling out the calendar earlier that year.

“(Kelly) communicated to her sister that that was the open weekend — the way she interpreted her own writing,” said Martin. “I think that day they went ahead and they booked the church and the reception and it was all set.”

At that point, Martin wasn’t qualified for the Open yet.

“It was like, well, I might be there, I might not,” said Martin.

Turned out he made it into the Open field, and will unfortunately — or fortunately, depending on how you see it — miss the wedding and his wife obviously couldn’t make the trip to Scotland with him. Hopefully, he doesn’t have an “open” weekend, though.

(Hat tip: Zach Johnson, who played with Martin at the U.S. Open and told me the story on Tuesday during a practice round.)