“Friends of Tiger” U.S. Open Monday and Tuesday podcasts
By Stephanie Wei under US Open

We set a new world record on Monday by having FIVE people on Shane Ryan’s “Friends of Tiger” podcast, talking all things U.S. Open (I think). We may or may not have been under the influence (all legal substances, of course) while we taped it, but that’s what made it so…errr…interesting and entertaining. Take a listen and I promise you’ll at least get a kick out of it or just think we’re crazy, especially me. Let’s just say, you can call it “Wei Unfiltered.”

no. 1:

Then, on Tuesday, we did it again, but we had SIX people in the podcast. It wasn’t as energetic as the first because we’d had a long day, etc. and I didn’t have my one beer, but I promise tonight’s will be more engaging and comical. I might go crazy and have TWO beers!

no. 2: