WATCH: Wednesday Periscope-ing at the BMW PGA Championship
By Stephanie Wei under European PGA Tour

Timing is always everything, isn’t it? I was walking back to the media center from a nearly empty range when I saw Ernie Els, one of two players still practicing on the eve of the European Tour’s flagship event, the BMW PGA Championship. I almost kept going, but I figured golf fans would love to see The Big Easy hitting balls. In other words, it was a perfect moment to use Periscope — and it turned out to be even better than I thought.

Ernie, who was in charge of the redesign at Wentworth, the event’s venue, saw me watching him and pointing my phone at him, so he said hello and asked what I was doing (mostly, I think he was surprised to see me on this side of the pond because there isn’t much American media here). I started to explain Periscope to him and his interest piqued. I mean, he got really into it — he answered questions, demonstrated a swing tip, showed off his clubs and more.

You can watch the video above, but you should really download Periscope if you can and watch it on the app for the full effect because you can see all the comments and how Ernie was interacting with fans.

I did a handful or so other Periscope interviews, but none were obviously as good as Ernie. As longtime readers know, I used to (and plan to revive in the near future) do a series called “Know Your Asians.” Well, since we’re in Europe and covering the European Tour more — and I feel like it’s my first week of school since I don’t know that many of the players, except the guys who play in the U.S. regularly or even on occasion — let’s get to “Know Your Europeans”!

I had two great interviews (partly because I was botching them by trying to use a selfie stick) with Robert Rock and Oliver Wilson, but for some reason, they didn’t save to my phone, so I couldn’t upload them to YouTube. However, you obviously can watch them still on the app, so go do that now! — remember, they only exist for 24 hours, so the clock is ticking!

First, let’s start with George Coetzee, who never fails to embarrass me or give me a hard time when I interview him.

Next, I chat with Andy Sullivan, who has won twice this season on the European Tour.

I also talked with Oliver Fisher, who was dubbed one of golf’s “next big things” a few years ago but hasn’t reached his potential yet.

Finally, check out the tour of the TaylorMade truck — it’s golf porn for equipment junkies! Enjoy.

That’s all for now. Don’t forget to tune in and watch the tournament!