FCC lists Tiger at top of potty mouth leaderboard
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods
Just another TW club throw!

Just another TW club throw!

Apparently, there are quite a few fans watching golf on television who are less than thrilled with the language that Tiger Woods utters at times — usually after he’s hit a poor shot.

According to, the Federal Communications Commission has received 22 complaints about profanities heard on golf broadcasts on CBS, NBC, Golf Channel and ESPN since 2011. The majority (15) of those gripes were related to curse words that came from Tiger’s mouth.

It’s no secret that Woods lets f-bombs fly freely (and even more frequently than what the TV mic picks up). For instance, he was caught dropping one at last month’s Masters:

Here’s a sampling of the FCC grievances:

After the 2011 Masters a viewer from Devine, Tex., wrote the FCC to complain that Woods had used a “profane 4 letter word” during the CBS telecast, adding that “Bobby Jones is turning over in his grave.”

Pardon the interruption, but *eye roll* to anyone who ever references “Bobby Jones turning over in his grave.” Because I’m sure he was the most perfect human being that ever lived. Please. Give me a break. OK, carry on.

A year later a woman from Vancouver, Wash., took long-winded umbrage with Woods’s word choice during the second-round coverage of the 2012 Masters on ESPN: “On Good Friday while my husband was watching the Masters Golf Tournament all of a sudden the living room is filled with a person swearing using the Lord’s name in vain — and damning …This is unacceptable. When watching a sports program we should be free from vile insulting assaults like this one issued by Tiger Woods when he was unhappy with his golf drive.”

“Not what you want your family to hear on Easter weekend,” echoed a viewer from Raleigh, N.C.

The most vociferous objection to a golf broadcast in terms of total complaints came after the final round of the 2013 British Open at Muirfield, when a half-dozen golf-watchers contacted the FCC to lament Woods’s use of the phrase “god d—it.”

One of those viewers, from Greenwood, Ind., remarked: “My concern is not with myself as I am completely aware [Woods] lacks professionalism, but it is with the fact he should be a role model for younger golfers and children that may not be exposed to that type of language.”

Seconded another viewer: “My 11 year old daughter enjoys watching golf with her Dad. No more, as long as Tiger’s playing!”

You can check out the actual complaints filed over at