Talking Periscope and new media on “Garbage Time with Katie Nolan”
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

I joined the ever-awesome Katie Nolan on her show on Fox Sports 1 this past weekend to chat about Periscope (and the whole credential fiasco) and the new media landscape. We also discussed about the betting odds for Tiger Woods’ next girlfriend, but for some reason, it’s not posted on YouTube — which is too bad because it was pretty funny.

Katie and I talked some more:

I also went on Varney & Co. on Fox Business to discuss the same topic. We chatted about Rickie Fowler’s win and the new generation of golfers, but again, that’s not available online. Varney was talking about how his four daughters think Rickie Fowler is *so* dreamy, and then we started rambling about Jordan Spieth and I was asked if I thought he was attractive. I paused momentarily to think before deadpanning, “Yeah, when he’s wearing a hat.” That apparently had everyone rolling in the control room. I wish I had the clip to share with you! Oh, no offense to Jordan, of course — it’s just funny that he has a receding hairline at the ripe age of 21.

I think I’m done talking about this topic — or at least posting about it — but it is relevant to the way the media landscape is changing so rapidly, which is impacting how we digest and consume content. Just like the music industry adapted a little over a decade ago, the entertainment business will likely be forced to follow suit. It’s interesting discussing the topic and trying to speculate on what will eventually happen.