A guide to the “rich and powerful” membership at Augusta National
By Stephanie Wei under The Masters

Great work by Bloomberg’s Mike Buteau and Janet Paskin on putting together a list of 111 members of Augusta National Golf Club. As the sub-headline of the story reads, “Membership in the world’s most exclusive golf club remains one of the most sought after affirmations of corporate success.”

Augusta National goes to great lengths to conceal the identity of its membership, which consists of approximately 300 people, who are some of the most affluent and powerful businessmen — and women since 2012 — in the world.

This is the first time a publication has had the audacity to publish such a list since the days of Martha Burke.

The men and women who wear green jackets are not allowed to give interviews or openly flaunt their membership publicly (or even privately). In fact, you may know a member, yet not realize he/she is one (which has happened to me). To best sum it up is the quote from the classic movie, Fight Club — “First rule of Fight Club: you do not talk about Fight Club.”

So, how did Bloomberg compile its list?

There’s no official, public list of Augusta members, but by cross-referencing published materials from this year’s Masters Tournament with a leaked list of members from 2002, exploring published records, conducting interviews with golf insiders and industry sources, and walking the grounds of the course (where members wear the club’s iconic green jackets) Bloomberg was able to compile a list of 111 of the club’s 300 members. Below, those members are indexed by name and profession.

The club, however, does publish a list of the Masters Tournament Committee assignments each year.

The interactive guide is really quite cool and fun to browse — and it’s split up into categories: “All, CEO’s, Finance, Sports, Billionaires and Women.”

Take a gander and you may discover that you know a member, in which case you should immediately start sucking up to him/her on the somewhat slim chance that you can snag a coveted invite to play the uber-exclusive course.