Two GOATS play hoops and golf with two other guys* (*later identified as pro golfers)
By Stephanie Wei under Humor

Forget it………

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A group of pretty good athletes hung out while they were on vacation in Baker’s Bay in the Bahamas this week. Michael Jordan, winner of six NBA Championships and Tom Brady, four-time Super Bowl champion — quite arguably the greatest of all-time in their respective sports — got together with Keegan Bradley, who has won one major championship, and Luke Donald, who has placed in the top 10 at a TON of tournaments, teed it up for some golf, as you can see in the photo above.

(Aside: T-shirts, guys [with exception of Donald]? How do we feel about that on the golf course? I don’t really care. I was just more shocked at the sight of it since it’s become so weird to see people not wearing polos on a course. I guess when you’re at uber-uber-exclusive places, any attire flies — or you buy the right. Whichever.)

The fab foursome also played a game of two of pick-up hoops, which was captured by a bystander:

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The least biggest surprise in this behind-the-scenes footage? That Tom Brady plays basketball with his hat on backwards.