Donald Trump returns the now (in)famous 3-iron to Rory McIlroy
By Stephanie Wei under Humor
Donald Trump hands Rory McIlroy his famed 3-iron on the range Sunday afternoon

Trump hands McIlroy his famed 3-iron on the range Sunday afternoon (Photo via PGATourmedia’s Twitter)

When Rory McIlroy showed up to the driving range on Sunday afternoon, Donald Trump was already there waiting for him. Trump walked up to McIlroy, shook his hand and then handed him his 3-iron that the world’s no 1 golfer had thrown into the lake out of frustration on the par-5 8th hole during Friday’s second round at the Cadillac Championship. 

“It’s unlucky to have only 13 clubs,” Trump told McIlroy before he started warming up on the range.

McIlroy played with only 13 clubs on Saturday.

“I played with 13 clubs today,” he said after posting an even-par 72 in the third round. “I didn’t need it…

“I looked where pin positions were and where the tees were and I didn’t need a 3‐iron and I felt good with the wedges that I have in the bag this week. I just went with what I had.”

Naturally, Trump returning the club to McIlroy turned into a massive show, but would you expect anything less from the real estate mogul? Nope.

Trump hired a scuba diver to retrieve McIlroy’s club from the lake on the 8th hole at Trump National Doral during the third round.

McIlroy and Trump chatted for a few minutes, and then Rory stuck the 3-iron back into his bag with mischievous smile. McIlroy told Trump that he would return the club back to him after Sunday’s final round. What Trump does with the now famous 3-iron will be up to him.

“We’re thinking about one of two things — either auctioning it for charity or putting it in a trophy case at Doral with a beautiful mount,” said Trump. “People really want that, I think Rory wants that. It was such a big thing.”

Trump said he would probably choose the latter since he already gives so much money to charity.

Similar to most, Trump’s reaction to McIlroy’s club throw was humorous.

“It was a beautiful moment,” he said. “(Rory) did it with elegance. He wasn’t a wild man. He did it very beautifully.

“He’s a great athlete, a great player, and anything he does is news. It’s not like him, but he did it with great style. I said, it was a great thing that you did it, because it shows a human touch. He’s a fantastic person.” 

Trump, an avid golfer, was asked how many clubs he’d thrown into water hazards.

“Don’t ask that question,” he said, chuckling. “Too many.”

He’s never chucked one into the lake on the 8th at Trump National Doral, though.

“I haven’t thrown any clubs in that lake,” said Trump. “That hole is so hard, I assume I’m going to be in the water. There’s no big surprise.”