Allenby sticks to his story, blasts media for controversy
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

A defiant Robert Allenby met with the media on Tuesday morning at TPC Scottsdale, where he’ll play in the Waste Management Phoenix Open, an event perhaps more well known for its rowdy crowds and parties than for the golf. With many questions left unanswered, including reportedly a visit to a strip club, and contradicting accounts over his story about getting beaten, robbed and kidnapped in Honolulu, Allenby stood by his original tale, and then blamed the media for his ensuing travails and speculation (which was really not a good tatic). “Obviously we all know why we’re here,” said Allenby in his opening remarks. “I think the first thing I want to say is that this is not going to be a long thing. It’s going to be pretty short, hopefully pretty sweet. “I think the first thing that everybody should understand is there is an investigation going on to what did happen on that Friday night. The authorities are doing their absolute best. We’re hoping in the near future that something will be reported and hoping that we will definitely get to the bottom of it. “There has definitely been a lot of confusion, but I think the No. 1 thing that you should all remember is that my story stays exactly the same as the way I told it. I told you what I knew, and I told you what someone told me. That’s the bottom line. I never lied to anyone. I only told you what I knew and what someone had told me. That is the bottom line.” Now, what Allenby dives into next is where he makes a grave mistake, antagonizing and blaming the media (more) for his troubles — I’m not sure who advised him. “Obviously the media have decided that they are the most amazing experts at investigations,” said Allenby. “There is a reason why detectives in Honolulu are some of the best in the world. I think I’d really appreciate if we just let them do their job and maybe we could get to the bottom of it. “But I think also what has been blown out of proportion a little bit is I was a victim, and all of a sudden you’re putting all the blame on me. I take full responsibility if I did do something wrong. I have no problem in the world in owning up to if I did do something wrong.” Um, last I checked the Honolulu police don’t even really believe Allenby’s story. In fact, sources inside the department say that Allenby’s facial injuries aren’t consistent with an assault, but rather someone falling down (on his face). According to an account from a homeless man who came in contact with the golfer, he saw Allenby fall and hit his head on a lava rock, injuring himself. Allenby continues to state that he has no memory for nearly three hours late Friday on the night of January 16 to early in the morning Saturday. Also, the headaches resulting from his injuries have only subsided recently. “From about 11:06 to about 1:27 a.m.,” said the 43-year-old Australian. “I have no memory in my brain. I have nothing. I have been trying and overlooking and going backwards and forwards, and there is just nothing. I can’t tell you how frustrating that is, because we all want to know the truth. We all want to get to the bottom of it. My headaches have only just gone two days ago. It’s like someone stuck a knife in my eye.” Allenby told the AAP he thought he might have been drugged. His caddie Mick Middlemo backed that up in his comments to WUP.  Middlemo said there wasn’t any doubt that someone slipped something in Allenby’s drink because they only had a few bottles of wine at dinner and none of them were really “that drunk.” Asked if he might have drank enough to blackout, Allenby replied (dramatically), “I probably shouldn’t answer that question, but I will. There’s no way in the world what I drank could do what was done to me, not a chance in the world.” He also has no recollection of the report that he went to a strip club and racked up a $3,400 bar tab. Allenby has paid attention to the commentary from the media. Again, IT’S ALL OUR FAULT. “I do read comments and do see what everyone has said only because I have a dear family,” he said. “You know, I think at the end of the day, you know, I was in a place having a nice dinner and having a nice night, and then I became a victim and now, you know, it’s all been turned around. I understand the way the media works. “I have been around for 25 years as a professional golfer, and I have endured a lot of different comments from the media, but I’m happy to take everything on the chin. I’m a strong-willed character. I’ve got a great support team. You know, at the end of the day, what’s happened has happened. The police will come out with the right story, so please, let them do their job, don’t get in the way of them, and everything will be great.” Mostly, he’s concerned with his family. “Obviously my father, all my family are devastated,” said Allenby. “I think people forget that I have a 13-year-old daughter and a 15-year-old son that love their father very much. “You know, a lot obviously has been said, and there is a lot of trash talk out there. I’m okay with that because I’ve got thick skin. But my kids are still growing. They’re still learning. You know, I’ve tried to guard them, because this is something that should be guarded from them because the truth hasn’t really come out. A lot of speculations. There is no proof to anything.” Now, Allenby is responsible for making the story public when he posted a photo of himself with the injuries he endured from that night on Facebook. (The picture along with Allenby’s salacious tale were forwarded to a Golf Channel analyst and eventually made their way to the network’s reporters at the Sony Open — I know this because I was there when one of GC’s guys received the texts and he showed me immediately.) “I probably shouldn’t comment on that,” said Allenby when asked if he regretted fronting the cameras from the start, “because I have always been a person that holds no regrets. As I said before, I take everything on the chin, and if I make a mistake, I apologize and I walk on. I just believe with the concussion that I suffered, what I did was at a time where I didn’t even know what my phone number was. How I could get hold of my son was through Facebook. I posted a photo, and now, look, this is where it is. All I did was just try and get my son’s phone number to call me.” I thought he was trying to wish his daughter a happy birthday? Via the original AAP report:

Allenby was most concerned about potentially not being able to call 13-year-old daughter Lily for her birthday, but scans have cleared him of any serious facial or head injuries and he is hopeful of being cleared to fly in the next day or two. “She’s really upset about it but at the end of the day it could have been a lot worse,” the Victorian said.

Probably the concussion caused the confusion, or naturally, he was concerned about both of his children. Well, that’s it for now. Stay tuned for more on the investigation from the best police force in the country. Oh, wait, by the way, Allenby is feeling “great” about the way he’s striking the ball. I fear for the harassment he’ll inevitably receive on the notorious par-3 16th this week (but it might be entertaining).