Robert Allenby’s harrowing kidnapping saga takes another twist
By Stephanie Wei under Gossip
Allenby's busted face: Beaten or fallen?

Allenby’s busted face: Beaten or fallen?

Robert Allenby’s traumatic story of getting beaten, robbed and kidnapped after missing the cut at the Sony Open continues to get weirder — as in, the more reporters investigate, the more holes there are with his original story.

One thing’s for sure: Allenby was robbed of most his credit cards, about $800 in cash and his phone, according to GolfChannel.com’s Rex Hoggard

Honolulu police continue to chase a trail of purchases that began just minutes after the Australian exited the wine bar (interior pictured at right) when an unknown man bought two bottles of tequila with one of the golfer’s credit cards at a nearby liquor store. The amount of fraudulent purchases has since skyrocketed to more than $20,000, Allenby said.

However, according to eyewitness accounts, Allenby was not kidnapped.

About 20 minutes after Allenby was seen leaving the wine bar with three other people via the CC TV footage, he was found by the two homeless men, Toa Kaili and Chris Khamis.

Kaili and Khamis said the golfer didn’t appear injured at that time but he was disoriented, and after a brief conversation he became belligerent, accusing the two men of having robbed him, so they left him on the corner.

“We are talking to him and asked if he had all his belongings and he said, ‘No.’ About five minutes later he asked, ‘Hey, where is the third guy?’ I asked him what third guy and he said, ‘You know, there was three of you. You gave him the keys and he was going to get his truck and come around and get me,’” said Kaili, explaining that he thought Allenby was mistaking him for one of the men who approached him in the bar.

Allenby’s next steps can be traced to a strip club, aka an adult entertainment club, Club Femme Nu. Several sources who were working at the club on January 16, the night of Allenby’s alleged robbery, beating and kidnapping, confirmed to GolfChannel.com that the golfer was there around midnight with “a group of friends” and ran up a $3,400 bar tab.

As you may recall, Allenby originally said he was at Amuse Wine Bar with his caddie Mick Middlemo and his friend Anthony Puntoriero. Middlemo told WUP that he left Allenby and Puntoriero at the bar and they were supposed to follow him shortly. Puntoriero and Allenby were separated and then the golfer disappeared, which was unusual.

Allenby said he was told by a homeless woman that he was thrown out of a car — which was how he thought he got the scrapes on his face — in a park 6 miles from where he was originally. Then, he encountered a military guy who gave him money to take a taxi back to his hotel. Turned out this wasn’t the case, according to three witnesses.

Allenby also believes he was drugged. His caddie told WUP that there was no doubt in his mind that someone slipped something into Allenby’s drink.

Last Tuesday, the Honolulu police released a statement that the investigation was continuing for second-degree robbery and fraudulent use of a credit card, but not a potential kidnapping or assault. Sources inside the authorities say the injuries Allenby sustained are not consistent with an assault.

Allenby withdrew from the Humana Challenge last week, but he plans to play in this week’s Waste Management Phoenix Open, where he will hold a press conference on Tuesday — that should be a fun one!