Robert Allenby’s curious “kidnapping” saga continues to get weirder
By Stephanie Wei under Gossip

Robert Allenby

Robert Allenby’s story of getting beaten, robbed and kidnapped last week in Honolulu has taken several twists and turns since it was first reported during the Sony Open. Several witnesses have brought Allenby’s account into question and contradicted it with their own versions of the events that they saw unfold. 

First, Charade Keane, a homeless woman who found the bleeding golfer, told an Australian TV station that Allenby was only one block from Amuse Wine Bar, where he had been drinking with friends before being separated from them — and not more than six miles away, as Allenby had claimed. Keane also told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser that she found a confused Allenby sitting on a planter talking to two homeless she knows, with the golfer accusing them of robbing him. Fearing for Allenby’s safety, she pulled him away.

”They started arguing when I got there, and I realized this wasn’t well,” she said. ”I needed to get him out of here.”

As she and Allenby walked away, he said all his belongings were gone, she said.

When asked about Keane’s claims, Allenby told Golf Channel’s Tim Rosaforte via text, “I’m guessing she’s getting paid.” The 43-year-old Australian later added, “It’s such a shame that people are focusing on whether the story is true. I say you only have to look at me to see the truth.”

Allenby said he only remembers getting thrown out of the car and then attacked by homeless people before Keane and a military guy helped him into a taxi back to his hotel.

Then, Allenby met with Keane in front of cameras to thank her and give her a $1,000 award.

On Tuesday, KHON2 tracked down one of the two homeless men, Toa Kaili, that Keane saw Allenby arguing with last Friday night. Asked if he attacked Allenby, Kaili replied, “No. I did not beat up… Robert Allenby? That’s his name? Yeah. I did not beat up that golfer at all.”

According to Kaili, he and a friend were traveling down Kapiolani Boulevard, headed downtown at around 1 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 17, when they stumbled upon a man, passed out “on the sidewalk, on the curb on Kapiolani and Piikoi.”

Kaili claims he did not know who the man was and assumed Allenby was also homeless.

“I was like, ‘Hey brother, you got to wake up because the sidewalk sweepers are going to come. You don’t want to get swept up,’” said Kaili. “So it took him about nine minutes before he got to his senses and when I got him up his feet, I said ‘Okay. Check if you got everything on you.’ And that’s when he noticed, like, ‘I don’t got my phone or my wallet.’”

Kaili says he and his friend, Chris, spent a few minutes searching for Allenby’s phone and wallet.

“The state of mind he was in when I woke him up, he wasn’t coherent,” Kaili said. “He kept saying, ‘Where’s the other guy at?’ I said, ‘What other guy?’ There was only two of us waking him up.”

Kaili said Allenby then became hostile. “Five or 10 minutes after, ‘Mr. Golfer’ switched (and said) ‘Alright. The gig’s up. Why don’t you guys hand me back my phone.’ I said, ‘What?’ He goes, ‘Just give me back my phone. I know you guys stole my stuff.’”

Kaili added that Allenby’s face was not injured when he first encountered him.

Ten minutes later, Kaili decided to return to the intersection and noticed Allenby’s face was bloody. “I was like, ‘Chris, what the hell happened?’ And he was like, ‘Oh, my God. While I was trying to wave cabs down, he was nodding out, then he passed out, fell face first and slammed in a rock.’”

Kaili says Allenby proceeded to accuse the two for stealing his belongings.

“We were shouting at each other because ‘Mr. Golfer’ was accusing me. Like, ‘Give me back my wallet! Do you know who the hell I am? I have a million dollars. Do you know who the hell I am?’ I was like, ‘Brother. I don’t care who you are, but all I know is, you’re pretty busted up and you need help.’”

Then, on Wednesday, another wrinkle in the story came out when a third witness, the other homeless man Chris Khamis, stepped up to tell his version of the night’s bizarre events. According to the Star-Advertiser’s report, Allenby told Khamis “that he was depressed and had been drugged at a strip club where he went to get some ‘action.'” (Oh, by the way, the wine bar where Allenby was last seen by his caddie and friend is just down the street from Honolulu’s Red Light District.)

Khamis also witnessed Allenby injuring himself when he fell and hit his head on a lava rock.

“There was no crime (when I was present). It was his stupidity,” Khamis said in an interview. “(Allenby) passed out and hit his head. I was there. Nobody pushed him out of a car.”

Khamis didn’t actually see Allenby hurt himself because he had turned around, looking for someone on the street with a phone to call a taxi. At the time, Allenby was not injured.

“I had turned around for just a second,” Khamis said. “Nobody was around us.”

But when Khamis looked back at Allenby, the golfer was on the ground, bleeding.

“There he was, I was like, ‘Oh, my God!'”

Khamis said he gave Allenby a stack of napkins from his bag and tried to get Allenby to focus, but Allenby kept repeating that he was a millionaire and waved around his American Express Platinum Card.

Khamis’ version of the events obviously contradict Allenby’s unbelievable story to the press that he was drugged, kidnapped, beaten, thrown into a car trunk and then dropped off six miles away.

Even the police investigating Allenby’s claims are skeptical of his story, according to a Hawaii News Now source.

Law enforcement sources said they are skeptical of Allenby’s story and the Honolulu Police Department has not opened kidnapping or assault cases, in spite of his claims that he was kidnapped and beaten.

HPD has opened a robbery case, but law enforcement sources said as of Wednesday, it’s unlikely police would pursue that case because they lacked evidence of a robbery.

However, sources also told Hawaii News Now that security cameras caught a homeless man using Allenby’s stolen credit cards to buy more than $10,000 worth of goods in the “Ala Moana and Ward areas, including an ABC Store and an Urban Outfitters store in Waikiki.”

Law enforcement sources added that Allenby’s injuries were not consistent with that of an assault, but rather scrapes from someone falling down — which matches Khamis’ story.

Officers also noted that the kidnapping described by Allenby would be unusual for Hawaii.

“This isn’t Mexico with bands of criminals running around and kidnapping people,” the source said. “Besides, kidnapping someone and throwing him in the trunk of a car is an awful lot of effort to go through to steal his wallet, cash and iPhone.”

So, either three witnesses are lying or Allenby, whose story was full of holes to begin with, was indeed the victim of a ridiculously well-planned kidnapping/robbery scheme. Or, consider another possibility: Allenby got hammered, went to a strip club, lost his wallet and iPhone and then fell face-first on a rock when he passed out on the street.

Allenby withdrew from this week’s PGA Tour event, the Humana Challenge. He has yet to announce when he’ll make his next start.