Robert Allenby beaten, robbed and dumped in park in Honolulu (*Update)
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour
Photo via Golf Channel

Photo via Golf Channel

Robert Allenby says he was beaten, robbed and kidnapped before he was dumped in a park more than six miles from where he was taken in Honolulu on Friday night.

After missing the cut at the Sony Open, Allenby went to dinner with his good friend Anthony Puntoriero and his caddie Mick Middlemo. From there, they went to Amuse Wine Bar near Ala Moana in Honolulu, not far from Waikiki. 

Middlemo said he went to another bar and Allenby and Puntoriero were supposed to follow him shortly. Puntoriero left briefly and when he returned, Allenby was gone — which was very unusual. Puntoriero called Middlemo and the two were concerned when they couldn’t find or reach the Australian golfer.

According to Middlemo, Puntoriero was woken by the police knocking on his room door around 3am at the Kahala Hotel, where he and Allenby were staying, near Waialae Country Club. The police asked if he was alright and informed him that Allenby had called them after returning from the traumatizing series of events that had unfolded.

However, Allenby doesn’t remember much — he was at the bar and then he woke up in the park, but he suspects he was drugged by the three assailants.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt they slipped something in his drink,” Middlemo told WUP. “None of us were really that drunk. We had a couple bottles of wine. (Allenby) didn’t remember leaving (the bar). He vaguely remembers being with these (three) people. Next thing he knew, he woke up in the park.”

According to the Australian AP, Allenby was taken to an underground parking where he was knocked out, robbed and thrown into the trunk of a car.

“I didn’t think I was going to survive this one,” Allenby told the AAP.

“I was separated from my friend in the bar after we had paid the tab at 10:48pm and he went to the bathroom and next thing you know I’m being dumped in a park miles away.

“I only know this part because a homeless woman found me and told me she saw a few guys pull up and throw me out of the car. That is where I got the scrapes above my eye from the sidewalk.”

Allenby encountered a retired military guy in the park, who helped him into a taxi and gave him some money to get back to his hotel. When he returned to the Kahala, he called the police and gave him his statement.

Middlemo said they returned to Amuse Wine Bar on Saturday afternoon to review the CC TV video and take a look at what actually unfolded.

“There were 3 people that he left with,” he said. “I didn’t even see these people. All of a sudden he was there and then all of a sudden they left, it was bizarre.

“I saw the video and (Robert) was stumbling all over the place. Ten minutes before he was fine.”

After reviewing the footage, they called the police and went to the station to file a report. Police have categorized the incident as robbery in the second degree. Allenby is also assisting the PGA Tour FBI officials that are looking into the case.

As for injuries, Middlemo said that Allenby has a sore head and sustained a black eye, along with lacerations to his face. The 43-year-old Australian was checked out by the PGA Tour doctor on Saturday and it was determined he didn’t have any serious injuries.

“He’s actually very lucky,” said Middlemo.

Allenby, who was supposed to fly out of Honolulu on Saturday morning, is signed up to play in next week’s Humana Challenge. Whether or not he’ll make the start is still up in the air.

Update, Sunday morning, January 18th:


I’d like to thank the local authorities, Sony Open and PGA TOUR officials and others that have assisted me throughout this unfortunate ordeal. I’d also like to thank the many people that have reached out with their well-wishes and support.

Medically, I thankfully didn’t suffer anything major beyond some bumps and bruises that will take a bit of time to heal. My plan currently is to fly back to the mainland and at that point, evaluate my ability to play next week at the Humana Challenge. Whatever the outcome regarding my ability to play next week, I anticipate a successful rest of the 2014-15 PGA TOUR season.

Any updates on the investigation will come from local law enforcement.