Matt Every disqualified for using non-conforming club
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour

Matt Every was disqualified from the Sony Open during the second round for playing with a non-conforming golf club in competition. Every said he bent his 4-iron “out of frustration” on the 18th hole on Thursday at Waialae Country Club and accidentally used it on the same hole (which was his 9th of the day) on Friday.

“There’s no good a bent club can do in my bag, obviously, so I was planning to throw it away (after the first round),” said Every. “Then on the range this morning, I was using it as an alignment stick because it’s only bent on the bottom and you can’t really tell.”

Once again, Every wanted to throw it away, but instead, he ended up putting it upside-down in his bag, so you could only see the butt of the grip.

“At some point between then and my 9th hole (18) today, it got turned back to normal,” he said. “I was looking down and just grabbed the 4-iron out of the bag. It wasn’t bent bad, just at the bottom there was a curve. If you were setting it up to hit a shot, you wouldn’t be able to tell.

“I was giving the club back to (my caddie) Derek (Mason) and my hands went to the middle of the club and I could tell it was bent. I was like, ‘Oh, shoot.’ I knew a new 4-iron didn’t get put in the bag overnight.”

Every added that he was familiar with the rule and knew right away that it was a breach. He called over an official who confirmed that he was indeed disqualified.

At the time, he was five-over for the tournament. While he wasn’t in position to make the cut with nine more holes to play, he obviously wasn’t thrilled with the incident. When I brought up that at least he wasn’t 10-under and DQ’d, he said, “I guess that’s one way of looking at it.”

Detective Alex Miceli discovered the club in the trash near the locker room.