Video: Bubba Watson drops new holiday rap single
By Stephanie Wei under Humor

Apparently “Golf Boys” have now disbanded and Bubba Watson has gone out on his own as a single artist.

Just when you didn’t think Bubba could wow you with more of his antics, the two-time Masters champion released “The Single,” entitled “Bubbaclaus” (or is it “Bubbaclaus The Single”?), where he dresses as Santa and pretends to rap.

It seems that this stunt is in conjunction with Bubba’s Twitter promotion, where he’s giving away gear to his loyal fans.

Hooray for the giveaway part, but as for Bubba, the rapper and the video, it’s ridiculously absurd — and I can’t decide if I meant that in a good or bad way. Well, at least we know what he does in his free time…