Tiger-Jenkins feud: Winners and losers
By WUP Staff under Feuds

Woods Jenkins

Thanks to the long-running (and now very public) Tiger Woods-Dan Jenkins feud, golf now has its own hot stove season (for the time being). But of course, as with any fight, there are winners and losers, and who better to crown them than your friendly WUP writers.


Golf Digest: Click, click, click, click, click, click, click. Digest might have had to go get an extra server to handle all the hits to its website. I’m fairly certain they’re still popping champagne.

Golf Media: It’s November and everyone is talking about golf (sort of for now) and checking out golf sites. Thank you, manna from heaven.

People who like a good slap fight: Who doesn’t like drama? (If you don’t, you’re lying to yourself.) Grab some popcorn and take a seat on the couch. We have pettiness, name-calling, etc. Are you not entertained? It’s a nice distraction from the freezing cold that is keeping us all inside and away from the golf course.


Dan Jenkins: Perhaps the article was dressed up as satire and perhaps it was a mean-spirited jab at Woods. Well, thing is, it wasn’t all that funny. However, now, loads of people are reading an article that was frankly pretty mediocre, and it certainly wasn’t the Hall of Fame writer’s best work.

Tiger Woods: Prior to releasing his “article,” virtually nobody had heard about Jenkins’ article, never mind read it, now everyone has. Right or wrong, Tiger just brought out a bazooka to try to swat a gnat. Plus, by publicly slamming Jenkins over an obviously fake interview, Tiger comes off as overly sensitive and whiny.

Golf Media: Tiger almost never gives a real answer. He thinks the media treats him unfairly. Given Jenkins’ status in the press room, most of the media is backing him in his written spat with Tiger. Therefore, the chances of anyone getting anything even remotely interesting out of Tiger in the foreseeable future just went from single digits to zero, and his next presser is likely to be contentious, too.


So, who are your winners and losers? Or are you too busy obsessing over your fantasy football team?

–Shoshana Agus-Kleinman (@Shosheak)