Shock! Lindsey backs Tiger in Jenkins feud
By Stephanie Wei under Tiger Woods
Lindsey has her man's back!

Lindsey has her man’s back!

Tiger Woods nearly broke the internet Tuesday afternoon when he posted a column on Derek Jeter’s new website, the Players’ Tribune, which blasted a column in the December issue of Golf Digest for a satirical fake interview with Woods that was penned by distinguished writer Dan Jenkins. Lindsey Vonn, who is training in Vail, Colorado, for her World Cup skiing comeback, is glad her boyfriend took a strong stance, according to a USA Today report.

“We talked about the article and that he was going to say something. I completely agree with him. I agree with his statement and I’m glad that he did it. That’s not journalism. It was like a fabricated interview, like what (Jenkins) thinks Tiger would say.

“But it went way too far, and it wasn’t very clear that it was a joke, that it was fabricated. If you read it, you might think that it was actually Tiger talking. The whole thing is completely ridiculous.”

Wait, “if you read it, you might think it was actually Tiger talking”? Yikes, does that mean the fake interview actually did indeed capture Tiger essentially? I’m sure that’s not what she meant. Right?