Detroit Golf Club breaks down denim barrier…well, kind of
By Stephanie Wei under General

Who said golf and country clubs were stuffy? The esteemed Detroit Golf Club made a massive leap forward in its attire policy, according to the Detroit News. Members of the club, which was founded in 1899, will now be allowed to wear denim on the club grounds. DENIM! 

Detroit Golf Club Board of Directors notified club members in an email that denim – “defined as a coarse, twilled sturdy cotton cloth used for jeans” – can now be worn on club grounds.

Naturally, there are quite a few limitations.

Jeans “cannot be ripped or torn,” the email states, and “any denim worn must be tasteful and appropriate for a club environment.”

Wearing denim is prohibited on any of the golf facilities. It’s also banned in the ballroom and other banquet and meeting facilities.

Lastly, the club’s members and guests may not enter the clubhouse through the front entrance in jeans. However, “the professional shop or side entries may be used.”

That reminds me of clubs in the UK which until somewhat recently used to forbid women from entering through the front entrance, and some of these places had signs that read, “No women or dogs allowed.” Yeah, really.

Well, DGC allowing denim on the club grounds is pretty darn revolutionary. I’m not sure what the current policies are at my parents’ country club (where I grew up playing), but I remember that sometimes after playing/practicing, I’d change in the locker room into denim before heading to my car — yes, I’d literally walk about 50 yards max — and I’d get nasty letters sent home condemning my behavior that also served as warning for further disciplinary action if it was repeated. I kid you not.

So, congrats, DGC members! This is an oh-em-gee kind of big deal.