Patrick Reed berates himself using gay slur at the HSBC Champions
By Stephanie Wei under PGA Tour
Hear that, everyone?


Surprise! — a professional golfer made a homophobic comment!

Perhaps Patrick Reed should heed some of his own advice and “shhhhhh” himself. The outspoken American has gotten himself into hot water at the HSBC Champions in China.

During the first round at Sheshan International Golf Club, Reed missed a six-footer on no. 1 (his 10th of the day), and reprimanded himself, saying, “Don’t f***ing three-putt you f***ing f*ggot.” His tantrum was caught on camera and it’s certainly created backlash for Reed. Here’s the GIF, where you can clearly hear the gay slur:

Reed apologized — with not nearly the conviction or passion he should have — via his Twitter:

Despite that three-putt bogey, Reed shot a one-under 71 in the first round and trails leader Graeme McDowell by four shots.

The PGA Tour released a PGA Tour-esque statement on the matter:

“The PGA Tour Conduct Unbecoming regulations prohibit the use of obscene language on the golf course. The PGA Tour will deal with this matter internally in accordance with its regulations.”

Oh, give me a f***ing break. It implies that Reed will receive disciplinary action, but because of the Tour’s state-secret-like, furtive policy on such matters, we won’t know the form of the punishment. Could it be a fine? Could it be a suspension (aka “temporary leave of absence”)? We’ll never know how much or for how long. Oh, and will the punishment fit the crime? The public deserves to be informed. Reed is a public figure in that he’s a professional golfer who earns hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars in endorsement dollars for shilling products and representing companies as an ambassador.

Personally, I think he deserves a massive fine (Kobe Bryant got a $100,000 fine for similar comments) and a “vacation.” If the Tour gives him a slap on the wrist, what does that say about the organization?

Once again, this brings up the controversial matter of the Tour’s lack of transparency when it comes to disciplining its players. I could make a long list of the cases that have transpired and been covered up, but I don’t have all day. Let’s just leave it at the obvious: The Tour needs to change its top-secret disciplinary policy.

(REUTERS/Eddie Keogh)